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Payday 3's Player Count Plummets: Under 100 on Steam

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Released on September 21, 2023, Payday 3's journey has been anything but smooth. Just four months post-launch, the game has seen a dramatic decline in its player base, with the count dropping below 100 players on Steam. This is a stark contrast to the 69,000 peak it enjoyed in its first month.

Payday 3 Player Count Chart
image via IceTacos

Why the Sudden Drop?

Several factors contribute to this decline:

  • Rocky Launch: Payday 3's launch was marred by server issues and an always-online requirement.
  • Technical Issues: Bugs and technical glitches have plagued the game since release.
  • Communication Gaps: The lack of clear communication from Starbreeze Studios left players uncertain about future updates and content.
  • Content Shortage: Players have expressed dissatisfaction with the amount and quality of content available.

Despite improvements in communication from Starbreeze, the damage to the game's reputation seems to have taken its toll. With a busy year ahead for multiplayer releases, including some in the extraction genre, Payday 3 faces stiff competition.

For Payday 3 to bounce back, Starbreeze needs to address community concerns promptly. Laying out a clear roadmap for future content, including the announced DLC, is crucial. However, with another heist game on the horizon from the creator of the Payday franchise, the window for recovery is narrowing.

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