Dragon’s Dogma 2 Update: Save Manager Mod Now Available
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Save Manager Mod Now Available

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Are you a fan of Capcom's latest action RPG, Dragon's Dogma 2? If so, we have some exciting news for you! Modder 'Llamaiscool' has recently released a game-changing mod that will enhance your overall gaming experience.

One of the key features of this mod is the ability to start a new game in Dragon's Dogma 2. As many players may have noticed, the game does not currently provide an option to start fresh. This can be frustrating for those who want to experience the game from the beginning without losing their progress. However, with this mod, PC gamers now have the option to start a new game whenever they please.

Mod Image

But that's not all! This mod also allows players to create multiple characters and have an unlimited number of save files per character. This means you can switch between different characters seamlessly without losing progress on your other characters. Gone are the days of having to delete your saves folder to work around this issue. With this mod, you can easily manage multiple characters and save files.

If you're ready to enhance your Dragon's Dogma 2 gameplay, you can download the mod from this link. Make sure to read the README file included with the mod for instructions on how to use it effectively.

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PC Gaming News Dragon's Dogma 2