Wartales DLC Update v1.0.34505 Patch Notes April 26
Patch Notes Wartales

Wartales DLC Update v1.0.34505 Patch Notes April 26

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The latest DLC for Wartales, titled "The Tavern Opens!", has brought updates and fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Let's look into the patch notes for the April 26 update to see what changes have been made to the game.

Base Game

Known Issues

  • For players who have encountered groups of 3 enemies in combat:
    • Go to settings and change combat difficulty to a different difficulty
    • Return to the World
    • Reset the difficulty to the difficulty you wish to play with


  • Fixed throwing projectiles animations
  • Fixed a crash after loading a save in the middle of a Rouste game


  • It is no longer possible to loot “Dried Fish” in fishing points anymore


  • Convincing Information quest is fixed
    • For players who already have completed the quest:
      • Go to the Valiant Tower
      • Go inside the tower, then open your map
      • The quest should be validated
  • Fixed Winfel Estate’s NPC that couldn't be clicked on


  • Fixed confessions exploit
  • Fixed injured companions/prisoners animation in camp

Pirates of BelerionWorld

  • Fixed collision on Isle of the Worthy’s bridge


  • Fixed marker in “Missing Person” quest
  • Fixed a missing name in Belerion’s bounty

The Tavern OpensCook

  • Cooking pot can now be upgraded after starting a new game with the Tavern destiny
  • Recipes giving Valour Point are fixed: translations have been adapted + bonuses have been fixed


  • Weapons can no longer be duplicated using the “Weapon Display” board

With this update, Wartales continues to evolve and provide an engaging gameplay experience for all players. Don't forget to check out the latest DLC "The Tavern Opens!" to explore new content and features in the game.

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