The Planet Crafter Patch 1.003 Patch Update on April 25th
Patch Notes The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter Patch 1.003 Patch Update on April 25th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The release of the latest patch on the main branch of The Planet Crafter is here. To ensure you have the most updated version, don't forget to restart Steam.

If you're playing multiplayer, it's essential that all players have the same version. If there's any uncertainty, a quick restart of Steam will help synchronize everyone.

V 1.003 : Changelog

  • Improve terrain performance improvements
  • Increased biomass, insects, animals rockets multipliers
  • Genetic synthesizer and animals rocket unlock sooner
  • Traits are now sorted by types and values in inventories
  • Reduced multiplayer factor default value
  • Fixed a client freeze when trying to get tooltip information of a destructed object
  • Fixed underwater detection for machines near a water plane
  • Fixed an issue allowing clients to move unauthorized items in scene inventories
  • Fixed an issue allowing clients to add multiple traits of the same type in the DNA synthetizer
  • Fixed an issue with difficulty 4 wreck starting ladder potentially leading outside of the wreck
  • Fixed an issue teleporting the wrong player when another player enters in a portal
  • Disabled emotes in the portal tunnel as it caused issues with the UI reinit when exiting the tunnel
  • Add species traits to potential loot
  • Fix error with energy when loading different games
  • Various optimizations and safety checks added
    • Fix localization issues

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Patch Notes The Planet Crafter


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