System Shock Update 1.2.18887 Patch Notes on April 26th
Patch Notes System Shock

System Shock Update 1.2.18887 Patch Notes on April 26th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The latest patch for System Shock has arrived, and it’s packed with fixes, adjustments, and exciting new additions to enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s dive into the details of Patch 1.2.18887:

System Shock Update 1.2.18887 Patch Notes


  • Fix for 1.1 saves not loading properly on maps with a Loader Bot present.
  • Fix a case where after loading a save the player would remain in a combat state indefinitely.
  • Fix several cases where mission waypoints were showing up incorrectly.
  • Fix for user waypoints not showing up on the map.
  • Fix for Shodan not animating in the final pseudospace sequence.
  • Fix for several effects not rendering properly on the female hacker.
  • Fix vertical spacing issues on subtitle text on certain display configs.
  • Fix for movement inputs sticking when entering and exiting menus.
  • Fix for not being able to throw grenades when jumping.
  • Fix for corpses and limbs being frustum culled while still on the screen.
  • Fix for computer node monitors on Storage not displaying the correct code in certain cases.
  • Fix Reactor region labels on the automap.
  • Fix for cargo lift screen not displaying level transition properly in some cases.
  • Fix for cyberspace FOV interfering with realspace FOV in certain cases.
  • Fix for Diego remaining invisible if staggered while teleporting.
  • Fix for coins sometimes being invisible when dispensed from Credit Machines. 


  • Shotgun reloading will now prioritize small ammo stacks.
  • 'Vaporize All' will ignore existing scrap items.
  • Reduced Avian Mutant health from 125 to 100.
  • Force Diego V3 to reappear when he dies to prevent cases where his corpse would be invisible.
  • Hacking a robot will reduce their awareness by 90% instead of only 50%, but the effect wears off instantly if they are damaged.
  • Hooked up cooldown and disabled states for cyberspace software.
  • Made Decoy and Recall software obey stacking mechanics and consume only one per use.


  • Added the ability to create messages for user waypoints.
  • Added a health bar for the player in the final pseudospace sequence.
  • Added shortcuts to use Explosives and Consumables on the RB/LB buttons on the gamepad.

If you want to delve deeper into the specifics of this update, check out the official announcement on Steam.

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