Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster Update 1.04 Patch Notes on May 7th
Patch Notes Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster

Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster Update 1.04 Patch Notes on May 7th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Nightdive Studios has just released an exciting new update for Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster. Version 1.04 (PS5 version 1.004) is here, packed with fixes and improvements that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Let's dive right into the official patch notes to see what's new.

What's New in Update 1.04:

  • Cheating is now reset when players change levels
  • Improve music playback timing
  • Fix randomization of scripted music events
  • Fix music panning
  • Fix random note dropouts (sometimes in music individual notes would just stop)
  • Fix ice physics
  • Fix some switches not working (like in Ramsees Hed)
  • Fix issue rendering mask on GPU renderer
  • Fix culling of 3D models
  • Performance fixes for Switch
  • Fix target FPS on PS5/XSX (used to be locked at 60 FPS, now runs at 120)
  • Fix texture offset for floor-based skies
  • Fix repeater sound incorrectly stopping when it should loop
  • Fix collision at high framerates
  • Fix switches on Avenger
  • Fix a rare crash when skipping forward through levels
  • Slow down homing missiles to match the original game
  • Fix some hi-res sprites so they use fullbright effects
  • Add HD loading screen
  • Weapon Wheel now always has weapons in the same place
  • Add animation to Death Star Plans and Nava Card
  • (PC ONLY) – Compatibility Fixes

For more details, you can check out the official patch notes on Steam.

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