SCUM Hotfix 0.9.535.85943 Patch Notes on May 10th
Patch Notes SCUM

SCUM Hotfix 0.9.535.85943 Patch Notes on May 10th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Introducing the 5th SCUM hotfix for the 5th day of the week! Check out the latest improvements and fixes in the new live patch notes below.

SCUM Hotfix 0.9.535.85943 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed the issue where SDASS ADS would glitch out in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue where floor blueprints would turn red after adjacent blueprint was finished.
  • Fixed a chest duplication bug.
  • Fixed the issue where improvised workbench icon would not show in crafting menu.
  • Small vehicle storage racks will take less physical collision damage while mounted on bikes and bicycles.
  • Improved Police station HTZ puppet respawning.

Known issue:
Chests could count as more BB elements. Temp solution: in your flag area put chests in your hands and place them back on the ground.

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