Rust Update 1.94 Patch Notes on May 9th
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Rust Update 1.94 Patch Notes on May 9th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Double Eleven has rolled out a minor update for Rust on consoles, bringing Rust update 1.94 to your screens. While this update may be small in size, the changes it brings are still worth noting.

Rust Update 1.94 Patch Notes:

Per Double Eleven, here’s what’s new in today’s patch:

  • Doors will no longer appear closed when someone joins the server after it has been opened.
  • Fixed build radius of the Tool Cupboard.

Yep, that’s about it. It definitely is a whole lot smaller in scope than the patch released last month. Speaking of which, we’ve listed some of the highlights of that patch below.


  • Servers bought in new regions are no longer displayed as US in the Server list.
  • Using the commands through the history tab now updates the history order to show the most recently used at the top.
  • Entity Details mode is now deactivated when entering Spectate mode.
  • Entities no longer get deleted too early when in Delete mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the server queue that wouldn’t remove some players from the count when they had left.
  • The server list is now sorted by raw player count instead of the percentage of players in a server.
  • Entity deletion is now limited to Admin and above permissions only.

Stay tuned for further updates and improvements as Double Eleven continues to refine the Rust experience on consoles.

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