PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 30.1 Patch Notes on June 11th
Patch Notes PUBG

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 30.1 Patch Notes on June 11th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 30.1 brings changes to map rotations, gunplay adjustments, and improvements to Ranked mode. It also brings a new collaboration with NewJeans brings themed content to the game, including a PUBG x NewJeans truck stage and billboards in Taego. Read the full patch notes below.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 30.1 Patch Notes:

Live Maintenance Schedule

※ The times shown below are subject to change.

  • PC: June 12, 12:00 AM - 8:30 AM (UTC)
  • Console: June 20, 1 AM - 9 AM (UTC)

Map Service

※ PC players can anticipate the next rotation every Wednesday at 2 AM UTC, while Console players can expect the same every Thursday at 7 AM UTC.



Live Server - Normal Match

Map Select Regions (AS, SEA)

Map Select Regions (AS, SEA)

Map Select Regions - KR/JP, KAKAO

Map Select Regions - KR/JP, KAKAO

Random Map Regions - NA, EU, RU, OC, SA & Console

※ Rotations featuring Deston will have a 20% probability for each map. For Weeks 2 and 4, fixed and favored maps will each have a 22% probability and etc. maps will be 11% each.

Random Map Regions - NA, EU, RU, OC, SA & Console

Live Server - Ranked

  • Erangel (25%) / Miramar (25%) / Taego (20%) / Vikendi (20%) / Rondo (10%)
  • The map service for Ranked is updated on a season-by-season basis.

※ Please note that the features and updates described below are subject to change or removal due to issues such as bugs, in-game problems, and community feedback. The images are intended as visual references only; the actual game may look different as the builds are continually developed and refined before release.

Collaboration: PUBG x NewJeans

※ The PUBG x NewJeans collaboration world features are available until the next update.


For the PUBG x NewJeans collaboration, Taego has turned into a PUBG x NewJeans-themed wonderland - check out the upcoming PUBG x NewJeans collaboration announcement for more details!

  • The playground of Taego's School has been transformed into a lively performing stage for the collaboration, while some buildings scattered across the map have been decorated as PUBG x NewJeans music stores. 
    • The conditions for playing music videos are the same as the PUBG x NewJeans truck stage.
  • There will be a PUBG x NewJeans truck stage on some starting islands of every 8x8 km map.
  • PUBG x NewJeans billboards will go live in Taego.
  • You'll also find a variety of other PUBG x NewJeans-themed objects and decorations across all maps.

PUBG x NewJeans Truck Stage

PUBG x NewJeans Truck Stage
  • The PUBG x NewJeans truck stage is available on some of the starting islands of Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Taego, Deston, and Rondo.
    • Truck stages can be set up using the Interaction key.
  • Performing a PUBG x NewJeans emote on the stage will trigger the corresponding music video.
    • On Console, album images will be displayed instead.
    • You can either join the emote on the stage or cheer along from below the stage by using the Interaction key.
  • Only PUBG x NewJeans emotes can be performed on the stage.
    • Different emotes cannot be performed while a particular music video is playing.
  • The music video will stop playing once the emote ends.
  • PUBG x NewJeans truck stages can be utilized from the start of the match until players board the plane; once they do, the previously positioned truck stage will disappear.
  • Available in Normal Match, Ranked, and Casual Mode.


Expect major updates to the Ranked mode starting with Season 30. Read more in the latest Dev Letter: Ranked Revamp.

Season 30

  • The trial period for the new RP system, introduced inDev Letter: Ranked Pointsand implemented in Season 29, has ended. We're reverting to the old RP system for now, and the new RP system will return in August with further improvements.
  • A new promotion animation has been added for Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master Tiers.
  • The leaderboard will reset after the live server maintenance.
  • Check out your final Tier from the previous season through your Career page.
Season 30


Starting with Season 30, we are offering two types of Ranked rewards. The newly added Ranked Play Point Rewards can be earned by playing Ranked matches, regardless of your Tier. 

Tier Rewards

From Season 30 onwards, we're enhancing Tier Rewards to make Ranked both challenging and prestigious. 

Tier Rewards
  • Players who reach Gold Tier and above will receive exclusive weapon skins for that season.
  • Tier Rewards will be available for preview at the beginning of each Ranked season.

Ranked Play Point Rewards

Ranked Play Points can be earned by participating in Ranked matches.

Ranked Play Point Rewards
  • These points will be awarded at the end of Ranked matches and can also be obtained through placement matches.
  • Kill Points: Earn 1 point for each Kill, up to a maximum of 10 points.
  • Survival Points: Gain 1 point for every minute survived after the initial 5 minutes of a match.
    • Time spent spectating teammates does not count toward your survival time. 
    • No points are granted if you die within the first 5 minutes.
  • Assists do not count toward earning points.
  • A total of 10 distinct rewards are automatically distributed based on accumulated Ranked Play Points, with extra rewards granted for every 200 points following the 10th reward.

Changes to Existing Rewards 

  • The Top 500 Emblem and Nameplate will only be awarded to players who are ranked Master Tier or higher starting in Season 30.
  • The Ranked Parachute skin, once included in Tier Rewards, will now be granted as a Ranked Play Point Reward.

Tier Protection

Tier Protection
  • Tier Protection will activate if your RP drops below the minimum required for your current Tier after a Ranked match, locking your RP at the minimum RP for that Tier to prevent demotion.
  • 3 Tier Protections are granted each time you are promoted to Silver Tier or higher.
    • This also applies if you are demoted and subsequently re-promoted.
    • The maximum number of Tier Protections you can have at a time is three.
  • It will also activate when your RP decreases due to an intentional leave, crash, or abnormal termination.
  • If you are demoted after exhausting all your Tier Protections, 50% of the total RP previously protected by Tier Protections will be deducted in addition to the regular RP loss.
  • Tier Protection will not activate if you are demoted due to Rank decay.
  • Does not apply to placement matches.

Season 29 Rewards

Below are the rewards you'll be receiving based on your final Tier from the previous Ranked season.

Season 29 Rewards
  • The Parachute skin and Medals are permanent rewards. The rest of the obtainable rewards are available for use during a single Ranked season.
  • Rewards can be found on your Inventory/Edit Profile page once Season 30 starts.
  • Once Season 30 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, every reward but the Parachute and Medal will be withdrawn.


Adjustments have been made for the AUG, Dragunov, and SMGs. Check out the latest Gunplay Dev Letter for more details on the SMG Rebalance improvements.



  • Horizontal recoil decreased by approximately 2.3%.
  • Vertical recoil decreased by approximately 4.5%.
  • Recoil reduction while crouched increased from 13% → 14%.


  • Damage over distance has been slightly reduced.
    • The maximum distance at which an opponent equipped with a Lv. 2 Helmet can be eliminated with a headshot has been decreased by 25%, from 108m → 81m.



  • Changed the ammo for all world-spawned SMGs to 9mm.

Movement Speed

Basic movement and sprint speeds when wielding SMGs have been modified to align with the speeds of an unarmed state.

  • Basic movement speed increased by approximately 2.6%.
  • Sprint speed increased by approximately 2.4%.

Damage Over Distance

Adjustments have been made to the damage over distance for all SMGs, with the exception of the P90. 

  • Damage for medium and long-range shots has been reduced. 
    • On average, this change will be noticeable at distances of 50 meters or more.


  • The MP5K has been added to all maps.
    • Available in Normal Match, Custom Match, and Ranked.
  • Damage increased from 33 → 34.
  • Horizontal recoil decreased by approximately 7%.
  • Vertical recoil decreased by approximately 5%.
    • Vertical recoil increases gradually.
  • The reload time is reduced by approximately 15% when the bullet count reaches 0.

Tommy Gun

  • Ammo: .45 ACP → 9mm
  • Horizontal recoil decreased by approximately 5%.
  • Vertical recoil decreased by approximately 7%.


  • Ammo: .45 ACP → 9mm
    • The weapon name has been changed from UMP45 → UMP to align with this change.
  • Damage increased from 41 → 42.
  • Horizontal recoil decreased by approximately 5%.

Micro UZI 

  • Horizontal recoil decreased by approximately 10%.
  • Vertical recoil decreased by approximately 15%.

PP-19 Bizon

  • Damage increased from 36 → 38.
  • Horizontal recoil decreased by approximately 5%.
  • Vertical recoil decreased by approximately 5%.

Dev's comment: In this update, we're introducing improvements to the SMG Rebalance from Update 28.2, along with adjustments to the AUG and Dragunov. Following successive balance nerfs in Updates 25.2 and 26.2, the AUG exhibited a lower usage rate compared to not only the Beryl M762 but also the ACE32 and M416. However, its win rate has remained steady at around 52%. To enhance player comfort without significantly affecting performance, we are slightly increasing the recoil reduction when firing in the crouched position.

Regarding the Dragunov, we've been monitoring your feedback on its performance since its launch. Due to the high demand for nerfs and a gradual increase in in-game metrics, we decided it was time to make some adjustments. However, the ability to eliminate enemies with a single headshot within a certain distance is a unique characteristic of the Dragunov. To ease the pressure of facing the Dragunov while preserving this feature, we're reducing the maximum distance for single headshot eliminations. Aside from this change, the actual damage remains similar, and the STK (Shots to Kill) for non-head targets stays the same.

As we promised more frequent gunplay updates this year, we'll closely monitor in-game metrics after the update to make any necessary balance adjustments.


Grenade Damage Radius

Modified the grenade damage radius to inflict damage on characters taking cover behind a vehicle equipped with a low-profile Special Vehicle skin.

  • Affected Special Vehicle skins: McLaren GT, Aston Martin "V12 Vantage Roadster" Sports Car
  • These changes will also apply to future Special Vehicle skins.

Dev's comment: In Update 30.1, we're introducing improvements to the grenade damage radius concerning Special Vehicle skins. Since the launch of the Aston Martin collaboration in August 2023, we've received considerable feedback about characters not receiving damage from grenades detonated on the opposite side of a vehicle equipped with a low-profile Special Vehicle skin. To address this, we've carefully reviewed and discussed the grenade damage structure associated with these skins to mitigate the unintended consequences of merging the new content with the existing grenade damage structure. This update will apply to both existing and future Special Vehicle skins, and we hope this change will provide players with a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Co-op Climb

Based on player feedback, the following modifications have been made to Co-op Climb.

  • The maximum height you can reach with Co-op Climb has increased.
  • The animation speed has increased by 50%.
  • The interaction range has increased.

Lifting a Teammate

  • Can now be performed while sprinting.

Pulling Up a Teammate

  • Can now be performed while jumping.


※ The following change also applies to Custom Match.

  • The Bluebomb Rush has been temporarily removed and will return with future content updates.

Custom Match

  • Normal Mode
    • Erangel Classic has been removed.
  • The War Mode, War Mode: Conquest, and Zombie Mode have been removed.
  • (PC) In Sandbox Mode, the Tactical Gear category and all Tactical Gears have been removed, while the LMG category has been added.

Training Mode

  • The Tactical Gear category along with all Tactical Gears have been removed from the Spawn Tool.
  • The LMG category has been added to the Spawn Tool, and the DP-28, M249, and MG3 have been relocated to this category.

Survivor Pass

Survivor Pass

A brand new Survivor Pass is prepared for Update 30.1. Read more details on the June Store Update announcement!


Special Crafting

Introducing the new collaboration skins - craftable only through Special Crafting at the Workshop! Check out the full details on the upcoming PUBG x NewJeans collaboration announcement.

Special Crafting Closing Date (UTC)

※ The Special Crafting - PUBG x NewJeans collaboration tab will be accessible only until the following dates. Make sure to use up your Tokens before the closing date!

  • PC
    • July 15, 12 AM
  • Console
    • July 23, 12 AM


  • The dedicated slot for Tactical Gear has been removed.
  • The start dates for previous seasons, including the year and month, have been added. 
    • Applies to Season 7 and later.
    • The start dates for previous seasons are available on the Career - Stats or Leaderboard pages.


  • Optimized memory for PlayStation 4.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where players can break into an ongoing 1v1 Arena using the Zipline Gun.
  • Fixed an issue where Crossbow skins are applicable to the Zipline Gun.
  • Fixed an issue in 1v1 Arena matches where a zipline set up by the Zipline Gun in a previous match remains in the following match.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying the tires of the Motorbike causes abnormal impact.
  • Fixed an issue where players are unable to use Co-op Climb after a certain round of Bluebomb Rush.
  • Fixed an issue where, when equipping a Backpack and both the Mk12 and Tommy Gun together, the Mk12 in the first Primary Weapon slot obscures the ADS view of the Tommy Gun.
  • Fixed the inaccurate display of remaining health.
  • Fixed an issue where the character's wrist is abnormally bent on the Inventory screen when gripping the M24.
  • Fixed an issue where the scope is partially shaded when characters move after switching to ADS with the P90.
  • Fixed the Panzerfaust ungripping when moving to another seat from the driver's seat while holding the Panzerfaust.
  • Fixed the issue where reviving a player fails and causes the timer to loop.
  • Fixed default outfits being equipped when entering the Rondo map in Intense Battle Royale.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where players are intermittently unable to carry a knocked-out teammate, and where reviving the teammate causes an abnormal perspective.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where FOV values set in Key Frame Settings within Replays are applied in reverse.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where characters standing on the Motorbike can penetrate walls under specific circumstances.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and some other general Miramar issues.
  • Fixed a texture issue of the soccer ball that occurs in a specific location on the starting island of Erangel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blue Zone created in later phases on Taego and Rondo includes areas outside Play Zone.
  • Fixed an issue where a random circle appears in the sky of Rondo.
  • Fixed an issue where the 40mm Smoke Grenades do not spawn near the M79 in Taego's Error Space.
  • Fixed an issue where the bear on Vikendi is blocked by terrain and unable to approach players.


  • Fixed an issue where previewing a progressive weapon skin on the Hideout - Weapons page does not provide a preview of certain attachment skins, including scope skins.
  • Fixed the misalignment of buttons on the End Screen during the Win Streak Showdown.
  • Fixed the translation issue of the 'Claim All' button on the Survivor Pass Rewards page.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of team numbers in the match log.
  • Fixed an issue where, if multiple players attempt to revive a teammate and one of them cancels, the revive UI disappears from the knocked-out player's screen.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue on the Kakao platform where clicking the 'Visit Website' button in the corrupt game file notification popup does not take you to the site.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where the buttons on the Report popup of the Custom Match - Normal Mode End Screen stop functioning after 60 seconds.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue where duplicate key settings are possible in the Settings - Key Bindings - Emote/Spray Shortcut section.
  • (Console) Fixed an issue where the Survivor Pass Basic Pack item is missing from the Store on PlayStation®.

Items & Skins

※ Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • Fixed an issue where the female character's hands turn transparent when wearing the Synthetica Outfit and PGC 2021 Contingent Chaos Jacket together.
  • Fixed a clipping issue that occurs when wearing the PGC 2022 Iridescent Danger Shirt and Work Jacket together.
  • Fixed an issue where the character's ankles turn transparent when wearing the Edge Runner Shoes and Toon Raider Denim Pants together.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tadpal Jacket's hoodie obscures the view when switching to FPP.
  • Fixed an issue where the character's hair is missing when wearing certain hats with either the Edge Runner Mask or Byte Me Mask.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mk12 with the [PROGRESSIVE] Bunny Patrol skin in the first Primary Weapon slot obscures the ADS view of the second Primary Weapon when the character is equipping a Backpack while prone.
  • Fixed the clipping and transparency issues on the wrists when wearing the Bad to the Bone Top with certain gloves.
  • Fixed a clipping issue that occurs when wearing ZeratoR's Pleated Skirt and certain T-Shirts together.
  • Fixed an issue where the male character's underwear color is incorrectly displayed when wearing the Quickdraw Top and Gen.G Jacket together.
  • Fixed an issue where using a facial expression emote on the female character wearing the Toon Raider Mask with a random hat causes the mask to distort unnaturally.  
  • Fixed an issue where certain accessories of the Demon Biker Top are missing when wearing it with outerwear.
  • Fixed an issue where the applicable weapon is not displayed when hovering over the Protector of Tombs Staff in the Store preview of the Ancient Egypt Mega Bundle.
  • Fixed a clipping issue that occurs when the male character wears the Hairstyle 38 and a hat together.
  • Fixed an issue where the ID card is missing when you perform the Official Business emote.

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