Palworld v0.2.4.0 Update Patch Notes on May 14th
Patch Notes Palworld

Palworld v0.2.4.0 Update Patch Notes on May 14th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Pocket Pair has just rolled out the latest Palworld update, v0.2.4.0, on PC, with the Xbox version set to arrive shortly. This update brings some significant balance changes to the game, improving the overall gameplay experience. Let's dive into the patch notes to see what's new!

Palworld Update v0.2.4.0 Patch Notes:

Steam version v0.2.4.0 has been released.
(Xbox version v0.2.4.0 will be released as soon as it is ready)

Balance Adjustment

・Increased the HP of all Alpha Pals (larger than normal Pals), including Lucky Pals, by 1.2
・Breeding eggs now have a slight chance to produce an Alpha Pal
・Reduced the damage reduction rate of enemy bosses by 18%. (The HP adjustment above has been adjusted so that battles don’t become too difficult.)
・Items and Pals dropped on death can now be picked up by anyone 24 hours after they are dropped
・Items and Pals dropped on death will now disappear 48 hours after they are dropped


・Fixed a bug that notified all players on the server when someone finished or failed a raid

・Fixed a bug that caused synchronization issues when gates were opened
・Many other minor bug fixes

For more details on the patch notes, you can refer to the official source at Palworld Discord.

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