Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7 Drift & Drag Update Patch Notes on May 21st
Patch Notes Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 7 Drift & Drag Update Patch Notes on May 21st

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Criterion has just dropped the latest update for Need for Speed Unbound, version 1.000.021, introducing the much-anticipated Vol. 7 Drift & Drag update. This update brings back the classic Drift and Drag modes inspired by the iconic NFS Underground series, along with a revamped League progression system. Let's dive into the details of what this update has in store for players.

Need for Speed Unbound Update 1.000.021 Patch Notes:

Discover new feels for classic skills in Vol. 7: Drift & Drag* (inspired by NFS Underground), as we continue on the journey to deliver the ultimate NFS experience in one place for the first time. 

This volume reintroduces Drift and Drag modes along with League progression, all updated for the modern era, and is complemented by the arrival of the fully customizable Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24 and BMW M3 Competition Touring '23. 

New Drift mode comes with improved handling for Drift builds, while Drag mode revives manual gear shifting and lane switching skills. The League, a revamped progression system that’s intended to enrich the single player experience in Free Roam, has players challenging new Rival Racers throughout the volume in head-to-head competition to win their cars. 

As always, a new Speed Pass and optional Premium track offers 75 total tiers of unlockable customization content.



Elevate your street racing experience with the new Drift Mode in Vol. 7. Crafted for those who speak in curves and think in throttle, this mode updates drifting to the classic ways with an overhauled handling model for drift builds - delivering unparalleled control and deeper levels of mastery in the drift. Drift playlists are also now added to PVP and Free Roam.


This mode redefines racing in NFS Unbound with a fresh approach when you need to take a break from the circuits. It's a deep dive into the essence of street racing, where the thrill comes from manual gear shifts, strategic lane changes to dodge obstacles, and perfectly timed nitrous boosts. Offering a challenge for up to four players, it's not just about the fastest car but the sharpest driver. Drag playlists are also now added to PVP and Free Roam.


In NFS Unbound, The League revitalizes the competitive spirit of NFS Underground, offering a richer single player experience in Free Roam. Challenge new Rival Racers in head-to-head battles throughout the volume to win their unique rides. This feature also introduces a community challenge, requiring collective effort to unlock the final boss and claim a new custom. With rivals showing up regularly and with new leagues on the way, this is where strategy, skill, and community converge, pushing players to earn their place among street racing legends.


Two drift and drag superstars make their grand entrance in Vol. 7, the BMW M3 Competition Touring '23 with its agility and the Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24 with its pure, raw power. Ready for both drag and drift builds, these vehicles are fully customizable and come with multiple unlockable body kit options. Two sets of Rare Customs for these cars feature designs inspired by NFS Underground plus a special Speedhunters collaboration.


New NFS Legends content arrives in this volume, featuring Underground-inspired PVP playlists starring Eddie's Skyline and Rachel's 350Z. Melissa's Eclipse will also be available to unlock in the Premium Speed Pass.


A new volume means a new Speed Pass and we’ve got another one packed with customization content across 45 tiers of unlocks. Headlining the Vol. 7 Speed Pass is the BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23 with multiple bodykits to fully customize the new ride. There are even XP Boosts to be unlocked that’ll accelerate your Rank and Speed Pass progression. 

  • CAR: BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23
  • BODYKITS: BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23
  • CUSTOM: Underground-Dragster BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23
  • CHARACTER SKIN FOR MP: Anechka, Boost, and Waru
  • COSMETICS: Rims from Equip, Rotiform, and more
  • And more, 45 Total Tiers to Unlock


The Vol. 7 Premium Speed Pass immediately grants the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24 and opens up access to its three bodykits, alongside an additional three Rare Custom versions of the new cars arriving in this volume, including two original Speedhunters designs. You'll also gain access to unlocking sick, new customization options, including LED and LCD rims and plates, music-reactive customization parts, individual tire smoke customization, signature style options, and more. There are 30 total tiers of content to unlock in this premium track.

  • CAR: Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24
  • BODYKITS: Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24
  • CUSTOM: Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24 - Speedhunters Edition (Drag)
  • CUSTOM: BMW M3 Competition Touring  ‘23 - Speedhunters Edition (Drift)
  • CUSTOM: Underground-Drifter Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24
  • NFS LEGENDS CUSTOM: Melissa’s Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX ‘99
  • COSMETICS: Music-reactive customization parts 
  • COSMETICS: LCD License plates and rims
  • SIGNATURE STYLE VFX: Rip Up, Burn Up the Road
  • And more, 30 Total Tiers to Unlock

With the release of the Vol. 7 Drift & Drag update, Need for Speed Unbound continues to evolve and deliver an immersive street racing experience for players. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting content coming to the game in the near future.

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Patch Notes Need for Speed Unbound