Kerbal Space Program 2 Update Patch Notes on June 11th
Patch Notes Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbal Space Program 2 Update Patch Notes on June 11th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the Kerbal Space Program 2 Update, players can expect bug fixes and improvements to the construction, flight, map, FX & audio, menus and settings, missions and tutorials, and UI/UX. There are fixes with duplicated parts causing craft disassembly to adjusting parachute deploy pressures and adding new UI features. Read the full patch notes here.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Update Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: Moving stages around in the extended staging stack is difficult
  • Fixed: Duplicated wheels, wings, and decouplers connected to physicsless parts will occasionally fall off or cause the craft to disassemble when launching the vessel
  • Fixed: Loading a craft file with parts surface-attached to other surface attached parts causes parts to show on the floor of the vehicle assembly building
  • Fixed: Duplicating a stack in the VAB that includes a decoupler and an engine causes errors when launching the vessel

Flight & Map

  • Updated parachute safety and destruction algorithms so that parachutes will not deploy in situations where they will immediately break
  • Adjusted parachute default deploy pressures from 0.01 to 0.04 atm so they will deploy after reentry regimes
  • Revised parachute drag numbers to provide a more consistent experience
  • Fixed: Parachutes that are staged via the staging stack do not appear as staged in the Part Manager
  • Maneuvers can now be created in the map even if a vessel shows 0 delta-V available
  • Fixed: Using the Surface Teleport cheat to move a craft with landing legs extended can cause orbit lines to disappear
  • Fixed: If a vessel is decoupled on the ground, launching will cause a permanent 'Landed' state, causing orbit lines to not be drawn
  • Fixed: Fairings contacting their base plate after being jettisoned causes a permanant 'Landed' state, causing orbit lines to not be drawn
  • Fixed: Using the Teleport to Rendezvous cheat from ground to orbit will cause a permanent 'Landed' state, causing orbit lines to not be drawn
  • Fixed: Craft with landing legs, wheels or landing gear regularly clip into the terrain after timewarping
  • Fixed: Fairings disable parachutes placed inside or near them, even after fairings are ejected
  • Fixed: Fairings and cargo bays sometimes do not detect encapsulated parts correctly
  • Fixed: If a vessel is recovered during the smoke sequence, the next vessel sent to the launchpad will auto-launch

FX & Audio

  • Fixed: Smoke sequence VFX and SFX are missing after reverting to launch
  • Updated game credits
  • Removed the Private Division Launcher

Missions and Tutorials

  • Revised Launch A Rocket and Out of Atmosphere missions to require players to land or splash their vessels for successful completion
  • Fixed: The tutorial vessel overheats during the Atmospheric Reentry tutorial

Saving and Loading

  • Added aditional autosave points during Flight gameplay


  • Added a dedicated Recover Vessel button in the flight HUD
  • Added notifications for when a player attempts blocked actions during timewarp or paused states
  • Added UI signpost when timewarping
  • Added notifications for when a parachute breaks in flight
  • Reduced the duration of the pre-launch countdown sequence

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Patch Notes Kerbal Space Program 2


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