Hell Let Loose Update 1.033 Patch Notes on May 23rd
Patch Notes Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose Update 1.033 Patch Notes on May 23rd

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're a fan of Hell Let Loose, you'll be excited to hear that update 1.033 is now live, bringing a host of improvements and fixes to the game. This update, the third hotfix for the previously released update 15, continues to enhance the gameplay experience across all platforms. Let's dive into the details of what this update brings to the table.

Hell Let Loose Update 1.033 Patch Notes:

Hello everyone,

We’ve just deployed Hotfix 3 to all platforms.

  • [15.0] Some skirmish achievements do not progress/unlock despite meeting the criteria after the new 15.0 update
  • [RCON] Admin message pop-up doesn’t register the changed keyboard inputWe have addressed this by exposing the keybind to the Keybindings Menu:
  • Dialog Ok
  • Dialog Cancel
  • Dialog IgnoreThese by default will be bound to the Y, N & I keys however can be changed to any preference.
  • [Mortain][D6] Walls presents collision issues and physics
  • [Mortain] Birch Tree asset has no bullet collision
  • [Mortain] Birch Tree Asset presents bullet collision on its branches
  • [Mortain] Light tank can become stuck on rubble
  • [Mortain][E5] Player can get stuck if they try to vault over a pile of stones
  • [Mortain] Assets created along a spline are different between the Editor & the client
  • [Mortain] [B3] Player locomotion is hindered by collision on the following assets & locations
    – – This should generally fix any instances where you can get hindered / stuck when navigating rubble found across the map.

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Patch Notes Hell Let Loose


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