Exciting New Features Coming with Bleach Brave Souls Update 1.55 on April 16
Patch Notes Bleach Brave Souls

Exciting New Features Coming with Bleach Brave Souls Update 1.55 on April 16

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The anticipated Bleach Brave Souls update 1.55 has been rolled out by KLab Games, introducing exciting new features to the game. Let's dive into the latest additions in the Bleach Brave Souls patch notes for April 16.

Bleach Brave Souls Update 1.55 Patch Notes:

While the studio has not released the official changelog for today just yet, they did announce the upcoming updates set to be released for the game this April.

  • Brave Battle Popular Character Rankings Feature

    We are planning on adding a feature displaying which characters are being used the most in Brave Battles as a way to help players choose their team.
    The character rankings will be based on the characters that have won the most battles and are used by players that are in 3rd Seat and above.
  • Transcendence Slot Recommendation Feature

    We are planning on adding a feature displaying the recommended order when selecting Basic Stat Boosts for each character in the Transcendence Slot Settings screen.
  • Guild Quest Team Copy Feature (from Hard to Very Hard difficulty)

    In order to reduce the time required to form teams in Guild Quests, we are planning on adding a feature allowing players to copy teams that were used in the Hard difficulty to the Very Hard difficulty.
    This feature will appear as a button in the Guild Quest screen through which you can copy teams across difficulties.

The studio also talked about the Achievement system though they did mention more details about it will be shared at a later date,

About the Achievements system

This is an update regarding last month’s “New Gameplay Feature” announcement.

Although it is still in development, this new feature will allow players to earn special points by completing various challenges.

Using the special points collected, players will be able to unlock permanent bonuses. These bonuses can then be further upgraded.

Here are some of the bonuses that can be unlocked through the Achievements system:
– Spirit Orbs, Essence Scrolls, Link Slot Potions, and other power-up items can be claimed periodically.
– Increased upper limit on the amount of times select quests such as Path to Power can be cleared.

You can read their blog from March here.

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Patch Notes Bleach Brave Souls


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