Rocket League Update 2.38: Boost Nameplate Indicators and More
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Rocket League Update 2.38: Boost Nameplate Indicators and More

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're a fan of Rocket League, you'll be excited to hear about the latest update, version 2.38, that has just been released by Psyonix. This update brings some exciting new features and fixes to the game, making your Rocket League experience even better!

Rocket League Update 2.38 Patch Notes:


  • Boost Nameplate Indicators have been added to all game modes.
  • The names of several item rarity categories have changed.
  • The “Show Rank Info” Checkbox has been replaced with a new “Show Competitive Ranks” Dropdown list.
  • The Bugatti Centodieci is now fully customizable.


Boost Nameplate Indicators

Boost Nameplate Indicators are a new feature on Player Nameplates to keep you informed of your teammate’s Boost levels.

  • A new circular boost meter will be visible to the left of your teammate’s name.
    • If you’re using Simplified Nameplates, the circle appears above your teammate’s triangle indicator.
  • The circle will appear full when your teammate’s Boost is at 100, empty at 0, and updates in real-time as your teammate goes through Boost or picks Boost up.
  • Boost information is only available for teammates, so you’ll never know how much Boost your opponents have.
  • Boost information for all players is visible during goal replays, when you are spectating a live match, and when you are watching a saved replay.
  • Boost Nameplate Indicators are active in all game modes.

Item Rarity Name Changes

The names of several item rarity categories have changed:

  • Common has changed to Base
  • Uncommon has changed to Sport
  • Rare has changed to Special
  • Very Rare has changed to Deluxe
  • Limited has changed to Luxury
  • Import, Exotic, Black Market, Premium, and Legacy are unchanged

Show or Hide Competitive Ranks

The “Show Rank Info” Checkbox under Settings > Gameplay has been replaced with a new “Show Competitive Ranks” Dropdown list. This setting controls whether you see rank info in the play menu and the post-match screen for the respective modes. Options on the new dropdown list include:

  • None
  • Extra Modes Only
  • Standard Modes Only
  • All

Bugatti Centodieci

  • The Bugatti Centodieci is now fully customizable!
  • If you own the Bugatti Centodieci, the following Base Decals have been added to your inventory:
    • Flames
    • Lightning
    • Stripes
    • Wings


  • Fixed Play Menu navigation so your last selection is remembered.
  • Fixed a bug causing a yellow square outline to appear when navigating between menus.
  • Restored the Restore Defaults button in the Mutators Menu under Private and Exhibition Matches.
  • Fixed appearance of Boost on the Admiral and Batmobile (2022) Car Bodies.
  • Fixed appearance of the Wrapstar Decal when equipped on the Gold painted Octane Car Body.
  • Fixed Garage and Inventory sorting behavior for Mazda RX-7 Decals.

With these changes and updates, Rocket League continues to evolve and provide an engaging experience for players. Be sure to download the latest update and enjoy all the new features and improvements it brings to the game!

For more information on Rocket League Update 2.38 and the full patch notes, you can visit Psyonix's official website.

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