EVE Online Update 22.01 Patch Notes on June 11th
Patch Notes EVE Online

EVE Online Update 22.01 Patch Notes on June 11th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The Equinox expansion is here in EVE Online, bringing new content and updates for players to explore. Read the full patch notes below.

EVE Online Update 22.01 Patch Notes:

The Equinox expansion is out!

Full overview of the contents of the expansion can be found here: Equinox Expansion Notes!

Additionally, for those interested in seeing the values for PowerWorkforce and Reagents for all the nullsec systems in New Eden + SOV upgrade costs, you can download a spreadsheet with all that juicy info here: Equinox System Resource Data!

Features & Changes:


FREE 7 Days Omega is back until 20 June.

Added Mining Drone Operation lvl3 skill to Mining Barge Operations Expert System.

Defect Fixes:


  • The Triglavian Encryption Methods skillbook was incorrectly giving a 1/30 bonus per level to invention success chance, rather than 1/40 like all other Encryption Method skillbooks. This has been corrected.
    • The result is that all triglavian tech II ships and modules will now have slightly lower invention success chances.
  • Hornet EC-300’s will now appear as being unlocked by Electronic Warfare level IV when looking at the Electronic Warfare skill show info window.

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Patch Notes EVE Online


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