Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Notes on June 6th
Patch Notes Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Notes on June 6th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Escape from Tarkov Update and Escape from Tarkov Arena Update are here, featuring a new trader known as Ref, or the Host. Ref offers well-modified weapons, rare armor, ammunition, and more, all available for purchase with GP coins. Players can now transfer items between Escape from Tarkov and EFT: Arena, with daily limits and fees based on the value of the items being transferred. Read the full patch notes below.

Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes:

We present the patch notes for Escape from Tarkov and Escape from Tarkov: Arena updates .

Patch Notes EFT: Arena

New Content:

Synchronization between EFT: Arena and EFT:

Added synchronization of game profiles between Escape from Tarkov and Escape from Tarkov: Arena.

Player progress is synchronized across both games for the following elements:

  • Unified character level: Character levels up from experience gained in both EFT: Arena and EFT;
  • Unified reputation value with the new trader, Ref: Reputation increases from completing operational tasks in EFT: Arena and quests for this trader in EFT;
  • Charisma skill impact: Charisma skill in EFT affects EFT: Arena (e.g., commission fees for item transfers);
  • Skill and weapon mastery: Skills and weapon mastery can be leveled up in EFT: Arena for use in EFT.

Profile Reset:

Resetting the game profile on the website resets progress in both EFT and EFT: Arena. Profile reset in PvE mode will be available later.

Progress that does not reset when resetting the profile in EFT: Arena includes:

  • Player rank;
  • Player ARP value;
  • Status of unlocked presets.

New Trader:

A new trader, Ref, also known as The Host, has been added to EFT: Arena.

Ref provides the unique service of transferring items from EFT: Arena to EFT, including:

  • Roubles;
  • GP coins;
  • "Lega" medals, a new item.

Daily transfer limits apply based on the type of EFT: Arena edition.

Transfer Fees:

  • Roubles: 20% of the transferred amount;
  • Items: 5% of the item's value;
  • Fees are reduced by the Charisma skill and loyalty level with the trader.

Transfers from EFT: Items transferred from EFT appear in EFT: Arena upon logging in.

Quest Chain:

Added a quest chain for the new trader:

  • Initially, the trader is locked for interaction in EFT. To unlock, complete Skier's task "Easy Money. Part 1";
  • Some tasks in the quest chain are completed in EFT: Arena;
  • All tasks can be accepted only in EFT, and rewards are also claimed there.

Operational Tasks:

Added operational tasks in EFT: Arena:

  • 3 daily operational tasks;
  • 1 weekly operational task.

Types of operational tasks:

  • Elimination: Eliminate enemies with varying conditions (specific location, game mode, kill conditions, using specific classes, single match, etc.);
  • Match Victory: Win matches under various conditions (location, class, win streak, etc.);
  • Round Victory: Win rounds with varying conditions (location, class, series of rounds, specific results, etc.). Only in TeamFight mode.

Rewards for completing operational tasks include:

Experience (applies to character profile and all unlockable presets);

  • Roubles;
  • GP coins;
  • Trader reputation (for difficult tasks);
  • "Lega" medals (for difficult tasks).

Task Limits:

  • Separate task limits in EFT: Arena, independent of EFT limits;
  • Task replacement is available at a lower cost compared to EFT;
  • Reward type and size depend on task difficulty, which in turn depends on character level and task conditions.


Added a stash in EFT: Arena:

  • Size: 10x300 slots;
  • Available in the "Tasks" tab on the "Career" screen and in the "Services" tab with the new trader.


  • Added a "Tasks" tab to track progress, displayed in:
  • Outside matches: "Tasks" tab with the new trader and on the "Career" screen;
  • During matches: "Tasks" tab on the character screen, accessed by pressing TAB.


ShootOut 2x2 and ShootOut 3x3 modes have been disabled in regular and ranked games for further development but are still available in custom matches.


Patch Notes EFT

New Content:

New Trader:

Introduced a new trader, Ref, also known as the Host, to EFT.

To unlock Ref:

Complete Skier's task "Easy Money. Part 1";

The trader is not available or visible in PvE mode.

Ref's inventory includes:

  • Well-modified weapons;
  • Rare weapon mods;
  • Rare armor, plates, helmets, and backpacks;
  • Packs of rare ammunition;
  • Containers (keytool, medical case, grenade case, etc.);
  • Useful crafting and Hideout building items;
  • Signal pistol and charges;
  • Keys to rooms of fallen Arena gladiators.

Most items are sold for GP coins.

Rare items and barter:

Rare and valuable items can be bartered for "Lega" medals, obtained as rewards for difficult operational tasks in EFT: Arena.

Ref purchases:

  • Ammo, weapons, and weapon mods;
  • Purchase price increases with trader reputation level.

Item Transfer Service:

Items that can be transferred from EFT to EFT: Arena:

  • Roubles;
  • GP coins;
  • "Lega" medals.

Daily transfer limits apply based on the EFT edition.

Transfer Fees:

  • Roubles: 10% of the transferred amount;
  • Items: 5% of the item's value;
  • Fees are reduced by the Charisma skill and loyalty level with the trader.

Transfer from EFT to EFT: Arena is unavailable until the trader is unlocked. Transfer from EFT: Arena to EFT is always available.

Transfers from EFT: Arena: Items transferred appear in EFT through the messaging system.

New Items:

  • Special "Arena" armband – champion's mark;
  • APOK Tactical Wasteland Gladius – melee weapon, once belonged to a famous Arena champion;
  • "Theta" secure container – ultimate Arena champion reward, 10 slots (2x2 + 1x2 + 1x2 + 1x2 format).

New items are rewards or unlockable for purchase by completing Ref's quest chain.


  • GP coin now stacks up to 20 coins;
  • GP coin value decreased to 7500 roubles;
  • GP coins cannot be sold to Fence or other traders;
  • GP coins cannot be listed on the Flea Market;
  • GP coins cannot be dropped from inventory in raid;
  • Items previously bartered for GP coins with other traders have been moved to Ref's inventory, including those locked behind quests;
  • Increased personal trader item limits by 20% for Edge of Darkness and The Unheard edition owners who upgraded from Edge of Darkness;
  • Added profile badge and nickname color customization in settings for relevant editions.

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Patch Notes Escape From Tarkov


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