Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes April 25th-26th
Patch Notes CS2

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes April 25th-26th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Attention all Counter-Strike 2 players, brace yourselves for an exciting update that brings a myriad of fixes and improvements to the game. In this latest patch released on April 25th and 26th, there are some notable changes that are sure to enhance your gaming experience.

Left-Handed Players Rejoice!

Perhaps one of the most exciting changes in this update is the inclusion of left-handedness acknowledgment in Counter-Strike 2. Finally, southpaws can feel seen and represented in the game, all thanks to the April 25 patch.

April 26th 2024

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed a bug where grenade throw animations would get stuck when switching hands.
  • Fixed a bug where the same grenade type couldn't be thrown multiple times without switching to another weapon first.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed picking up grenades beyond the normal maximum.
  • Fixed a bug where smoke grenades would sometimes appear lit as if a flashbang detonated inside them.

[ MAPS ]

  • Fixed a spot in Dust 2 above mid doors where grenades would fall through the world.
  • Fixed a spot in Inferno where weapons could fall through the world.

April 25th 2024


  • Adjusted viewmodel bob movement
  • Added "Preferred Viewmodel Left/Right Handedness" setting
  • Added "Switch Viewmodel Left/Right Hand" key binding (default: US keyboard letter H) to switch hands temporarily during gameplay
  • Viewmodel position setting and left/right hand state are now networked and visible to first-person spectators.
  • Deprecated "Couch" viewmodel position setting

[ HUD ]

  • Added "Radar Map Alternate Zoom" setting and "Toggle Radar Zoom" key binding to toggle between zoom levels during gameplay
  • Added a radar icon for the local player when free cam spectating
  • Added a grenade line-up reticle that appears shortly after pulling the pin. The timing can be configured for each grenade type independently
  • Changed weapon Swap text (when pointing at a dropped weapon) to always show the gameplay name of the weapon instead of any customized name it might have.
  • Added a kill feed icon for "in-air" kills
  • Added the scoreboard to the ESC menu
  • Added an icon to indicate bots on the scoreboard


  • Added a "Dropped Weapons" panel, which shows (and allows the direct pickup of) weapons that have been dropped by teammates that are standing in the buy zone
  • Added the minimum amount of money that a player is guaranteed to have in the next round to the buy menu title bar. (thanks, Kadomos)


  • Increased Zeus movement speed and adjusted the attack cone
  • Increased Zeus kill reward from $0 to $100 ($50 in Casual)
  • Increased CZ75-Auto kill reward from $100 to $300 ($150 in Casual)
  • Reduced XM1014 kill reward from $900 to $600 ($300 in Casual)


  • Lighting adjustments in Inspect background maps
  • Added Wear Category to the info tooltip in the Inspect screen
  • Added gameplay name in panels that used to only show customized name. E.g., Inspect screen, inventory tile

[ MAPS ]

  • Replaced Overpass with Dust 2 in the Active Duty Group, current competition map pool, and Premier matchmaking
  • Baggage
    • Opened roll-up doors at spawns
    • Updated models for some conveyors
    • Solidified stairs
    • Various bug fixes
  • Inferno:
    • Removed overhanging building at top mid
    • Removed overhangs at bottom of banana
    • Various map tweaks to improve player collision and readability
  • Overpass, Nuke, Vertigo, Mirage and Office
    • Bug and exploit fixes
    • Collision and line of sight adjustments
    • Minor performance improvements


  • AK-47 | Inheritance: Texture and mask adjustments
  • USP-S | Jawbreaker: Corrected ambient occlusion texture

[ MISC ]

  • Decoupled demo playback camera movement from playback speed. This allows moving the camera even if playback is paused
  • Added ability to launch practice matches and workshop maps with party members
  • Added Overwatch system to enable match demo review by trusted partners
  • Copenhagen 2024 Major sticker capsules are on sale now -75% off
  • Added ability to adjust brightness in windowed modes

On The Other Hand...

CS2 Left Hand

Today's update includes a bunch of quality-of-life improvements that touch upon every part of the game, from maps to UI to gameplay. A few highlights are below, but check out the release notes to see what's new!

CS2 Left Handed UI

Lefties rejoice! Players can now redeploy their weapons, swapping between the left and right hand. You can set your preferred handedness in the settings menu and then switch hands temporarily mid-round with a key press (H on US Keyboards by default).

CS2 buy menu

The buy menu has a few new tricks. To help you decide whether to buy or save, the top right of the buy menu now features the minimum amount of money you're guaranteed to have next round (thanks Kadomos). And at the bottom you'll find the new 'Dropped Weapons' panel, where you can see (and directly pick up) any weapons that you or teammates have dropped in the buy zone.

CS2 HUD changes

There are several more HUD/UI changes in today's update. For those of you who have memorized a library of grenade line-ups, a line-up reticle will appear shortly after you pull the pin (you can even customize the delay for each grenade type). And if you've had trouble navigating through smoke, set a Radar Map Alternate Zoom and add a Toggle Radar Zoom key binding, which will let you switch between zoom levels during a round.

CS2 map

We've updated the Active Duty map pool (for both Premier and competitions), removing Overpass and bringing back Dust II. And there are changes to many other maps, including significant changes to Inferno.

Jump right into a match and see what's new, or practice with your friends--practice matches and workshop maps can now be launched with members of your party.

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