Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 Patch Notes on May 29th
Patch Notes MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 Patch Notes on May 29th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III brings new maps, modes, weapons, and more for players to enjoy. Check out the latest balance adjustments, gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and other changes in the patch notes below. Pre-download the update now and get ready to dive in at 9 AM PT!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 Patch Notes:


Welcome to Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III!

Before you jump into all of the new content this Season offers, read the Patch Notes below for the latest balance adjustments, gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and other changes.

Pre-download the Season 4 update now on all platforms and get started at 9 AM PT.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 4


The fog of war goes global. Take to the streets of Tokyo and Paris at the launch of Season 4, then look for desolate and disgusting arenas later in-season.

  • Tokyo
  • Paris
  • Incline (In-Season)
  • Das Gross (In-Season, Variant)


Several new and fan-favorite Modes debut in MWIII in Season 4. Look out for weekly Playlist Updates to know when your favorite Modes arrive.

  • Demolition
  • Hyper Cranked
  • Cache
  • Mutation
  • Headshots Only
  • Havoc


Alongside returning icons, fresh new weaponry is on the horizon in Season 4.

Kar98k (Battle Pass, Marksman Rifle)

This modernized version of a WWII bolt-action rifle is powerful and accurate. High damage output with a slow rate of fire.

Superi 46 (Battle Pass, Submachine Gun)

This pistol-caliber carbine chambered in 4.6x30mm is designed to give impressive stopping power with a skeletonized, lightweight frame. Exceptionally adaptable, this weapon can be modified to excel in most combat scenarios.

Reclaimer 18 (Battle Pass, Shotgun, In-Season)

A tactical shotgun that can be fired in both pump-action and semi-auto modes. Pump-action provides superior range while semi-auto increases fire rate.

Sledgehammer (Weekly Challenge, Melee, In-Season)

Smack some heads with this hammer claw bar Melee weapon with unique attack modes.


Eight all-new Aftermarket Parts arrive throughout the weeks ahead in Season 4. Every one of which is a fully-fledged conversion kit for fan favorite weaponry.

JAK Harbinger Kit (M4 Assault Rifle)

This .50 Cal conversion kit for the M4 is an extremely deadly, quick-kill weapon. The slow fire rate, drop in bullet velocity, and a significant increase in recoil will require a careful hand.

JAK Gunslinger (Basilisk Handgun)

A frame and cylinder conversion that allows the revolver to hold eight rounds of .357 ammunition with an exceptional increase to rate of fire and a near instantaneous trigger action.

JAK Volkh (KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle)

A meticulously crafted stock and receiver modification that updates the weapon to fire a two-round burst at minimal MOA dispersion, making every trigger pull count.

JAK Scimitar Kit (FJX Horus Submachine Gun)

Improved range and recoil are standard with this aftermarket kit which also unlocks the use of a high-capacity drum mag for the FJX Horus.

JAK Thumper-656 (RGL-80 Launcher)

An improved long barrel for an infantry-carried grenade launcher. Fires projectiles at higher velocities and distances. Compatible with a wider variety of launcher projectiles.

JAK Requiem (Kastov 762 Assault Rifle)

A counter-balanced rifle system designed to completely eliminate vertical recoil.

JAK Decimator (Lachmann Shroud Submachine Gun)

This modification allows the Lachmann Shroud to fire in full auto.

JAK Intimidator (Renetti Handgun)

Slow down your fire rate and take more deliberate shots with this modification that changes the Renetti to a single-shot weapon.


Powerful new armaments join the Killstreaks arsenal in Season 4.

Loitering Munition - 8 Kills (1,000 Score)

An unmanned rocket equipped drone loiters over the targeted areas. On each activation the drone selects the targeted location with the largest number of viable targets to bombard with rockets. Can be activated up to three times.

I.M.S. - 7 Kills (875 Score)

The Intelligent Munitions System is loaded with 4 smart explosives that eliminate enemy personnel and vehicles within range. When triggered, it will eject an explosive upwards, which then locks onto its target and propels towards them.

Missile Drone - 11 Kills (1,375 Score)

Piloted drone that fires guided missiles.

DNA Bomb - 25 Kills

Call in a DNA altering bomb that eliminates the entire enemy team without ending the match.


Tailor Loadouts to your playstyle with new Vest and Gear Perks.

Mission Control Vest

  • Reduces kills required by 1 and score required by 125 for streaks.
  • Earn 1 kill or 125 score for every 2 Kill Assists or Cross Fire Assists.

Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Mission Control Comlink, gain the effects of High Gain Antenna.

Compression Plate (Gear)

Immediately regen health after a Primary, Secondary, or Throwing Knife/Star kill. Objective captures also trigger health regen.


Mysterious new figures join Kortac and Specgru in Season 4. Which side are you on?


A Jane Doe, nicknamed Void, has a mysterious mutation that alters her memory. Further study is needed. She remains under close surveillance.


Manoel was the youngest of three siblings by a large margin. Growing up, he was often called the “accident,” though his father would assure him that yes, he may have been an accident, but he was a happy one.

When Manoel was twelve-years-old, and his siblings long gone from the home, his father gifted him a puppy – a Brazilian Mastiff, to name and care for.

Manoel named the puppy Hammer, and they did everything together. Wanting to be with Hammer for as long as possible, Manoel trained him as a working dog, and enrolled in the military with Hammer by his side. First, he was part of the Guard Battalion utilizing Hammer as a guard dog, and later, moved his way into the Brazil Special Operations where Hammer’s hunting and tracking skills became invaluable in chasing down targets.

One day, on a tracking mission, Hammer was killed in action by the SpecGru organization. Manoel took Hammer's name as his own callsign, and vowed revenge. He joined KorTac to do it and promised to never work with another K-9 unit, and to avenge his dog.

Dupe & Copy



Kick off the first 4 weeks of Season 4 with the Critical Countdown Event before heading into several other Events scheduled throughout the Season, including some surprises along the way.

Critical Countdown

Collect DNA samples from fallen foes to earn rewards and uncover the truth behind the superweapon.

Mobile Suit Gundam Legends

Embrace the awesome power of Mobile Suits! Earn XP to unlock Gundam themed rewards. Equip the RX-78-2 Gundam, MS-06S Zaku II, or XVX-016 Gundam Aerial skins for a boost.

Altered Strain

The strain has mutated! Collect altered DNA samples from fallen foes across to earn rewards and unlock effects for Mutation in MWIII.

Vortex: Death's Lair

Death's grasp has taken over the Vortex. Complete challenges to unlock ghastly rewards. 

Vacation Squad 

The beach is calling and the Task Force is on vacation. Complete event challenges to earn tropical rewards. Don't forget the sunscreen!



  • Addressed various issues causing improper first-person animations.


  • Camos can now be equipped on the B.E.A.S.T. Glove Blueprint for the Gladiator.
  • Know No Fear Weapon Decal no longer has a white border while equipped.
  • Equipping the Karaage skin on the MCW Assault Rifle will no longer result in an error. 
  • Fixed an input device exploit allowing unowned Blueprints to be equipped.
  • JAK Glassless Optic is now unlocked as expected upon purchasing a relevant Blueprint.



  • Weapon Mastery and Unlock Challenges can now be added to Tracked Challenges.
  • XP Bonus potential from compatible Operator Skins is now displayed while in the lobby but not in a party.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Corrected a spelling mistake in the Red Camo challenge for the WSP Swarm.
    • Player icons on the minimap will no longer appear to follow the Wheelson-HS.
    • Vests that disallow primaries will no longer prompt to Quick Equip invalid Weapons.
    • Adjusted Pros and Cons displayed for specific Attachments to better reflect their actual statistics.
    • Fixed improper tile placement in the Gunsmith while the Compression Carrier Vest is equipped.
    • Activate prompt is now longer displayed on completed Armory Unlocks.


  • Spawn protection is now disabled when the player inflicts damage or locks onto a Killstreak.
  • Fixed a bug causing spawns to not match the intended directionality of a map.
  • Increased detection distance for nearby enemies in small map spawn selection.
  • Decreased volume of footstep sounds from enemy players.
Last season, we made several adjustments to Perks to distribute usage in the Boots category more evenly. Despite these changes, the pick rate of Covert Sneakers remains far ahead of other Boots.

In today’s update, our Design and Audio teams have decreased the volume of all footstep types (walk, sprint, and tac-sprint) to encourage more diverse usage in the Boots category of Perks.


  • Collateral kills now progress Battle Rage kills Challenges as expected.
  • Kills with Battle Rage Challenges now track progress correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ISO 9mm to not unlock upon Challenge completion.


  • 6 Star
    • Reworked Hardpoint capture point locations, sizes, and associated spawns.
      • P1: Club (Revert)
      • P2: Lounge (Revert)
      • P3: Rooftop Bar (Revert)
      • P4: Skybridge (New)
  • Das Haus
    • Corrected orientation of the vertically hanging American Flag.
  • Growhouse
    • Added the ability to mount at various locations where functionality is expected.
  • Highrise
    • Environmental explosives are no longer present in CDL and Ranked Play modes.
  • Underpass
    • Improved spawn safety assessment near the Train Yard.


  • Arcade
    • Unlimited Ammo and Grenades powerup timer now disappears upon death.
  • Cutthroat
    • Allies needing a revive are now indicated as such on the scoreboard.
  • One in the Chamber
    • Lifestreaks are now correctly tracked on the scoreboard.


Assault Rifles

  • BP50
    • Decreased movement speed from 5m/s to 4.8m/s (-4%).
    • Decreased sprint speed from 5.7m/s to 5.5m/s (-4%).
    • Decreased tactical sprint speed from 7m/s to 6.8m/s (-3%).
    • JAK Revenger Kit
      • Decreased movement speed from 5.5m/s to 5.1m/s (-7%).
      • Decreased crouch movement speed from 2.6m/s to 2.4m/s (-8%).
      • Decreased sprint speed from 6.2m/s to 5.8m/s (-6%).
      • Decreased tactical sprint speed from 7.7m/s to 7.1m/s (-8%).
      • Decreased ADS movement speed from 3.3m/s to 3.1m/s (-6%).
      • Decreased maximum damage from 32 to 28 (-13%).
      • Decreased near-medium damage from 28 to 25 (-11%).
      • Decreased medium damage from 25 to 23 (-8%).
  • MCW
    • Increased head damage multiplier from 1.1x to 1.25x.

Submachine Guns

  • FJX Horus
    • Decreased recoil gun kick from 42.5deg/s to 35.4deg/s (-17%).
    • Increased maximum damage range from 10.2m to 17.8m (+75%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 20.3m to 25.4m (+25%).
    • Increased lower torso damage multiplier from 1x to 1.1x.
    • No Stock Mod
      • Increased ADS movement speed benefit from 9% to 12%.
    • Lopper LX-D Stock
      • Added 3% ADS movement speed penalty.
  • RAM-9
    • Increased maximum damage range from 11.2m to 12.4m (+11%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 20.3m to 21.6m (+6%).
  • AMR9
    • Increased maximum damage range from 14m to 15.2m (+9%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 20.3m to 21.6m (+6%).
  • Rival-9
    • Fixed an issue causing the Trebuchet Brake Attachment to be unavailable.
    • Increased maximum damage range from 10.2m to 11.4m (+13%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 21.6m to 22.9m (+6%).
    • JAK Headhunter Carbine Conversion
      • Increased rate of fire from 682rpm to 882rpm (+29%).
      • Increased maximum damage from 26 to 33 (+27%).
      • Increased near-medium damage from 24 to 30 (+25%).
      • Increased minimum damage from 22 to 28 (+27%).
      • Decreased neck and upper torso damage multipliers from 1.5x to 1.1x.
      • Decreased lower arm and hand damage multipliers from 1.1x to 1x.
  • HRM-9
    • Increased maximum damage range from 16.5m to 17.8m (+8%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 24.1m to 25.4m (+5%).
  • Striker 9
    • Increased maximum damage range from 14m to 15.2m (+9%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 20.3m to 21.6m (+6%).
  • Striker
    • Increased maximum damage range from 9.7m to 10.9m (+13%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 21.6m to 22.9m (+6%).
  • WSP-9
    • Increased maximum damage range from 18.5m to 24.1m (+30%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 25.1m to 31.8m (+26%).

Marksman Rifles

  • MCW 6.8
    • MCW 6.8 Full-Auto Conversion Kit
      • Resolved an issue causing recoil overcorrection after firing.


  • RGL-80
    • Decreased aim down sight time from 310ms to 260ms (-16%).
    • Decreased explosive damage by 80% in Hardcore game modes.
RGL-80 explosive damage is now scaled to align with the Hardcore player health scalar.


  • Gunslinger Vest
    • Fixed an issue causing Throwing Star kills not to refresh stamina.
  • Gunner Vest
    • Updated description to remove mention of Handgun ammo benefit, aligning with existing functionality.
  • Compression Carrier (Vest)
    • Fixed an issue causing Throwing Star kills not to trigger health regeneration.
  • Assault Gloves
    • Updated description to mention recently-added reticle spread benefit.


  • Precision Airstrike
    • Decreased delay before damage occurs by 2s.
    • Increased explosive damage radius from 7.6m to 8.9m (+17%).
  • Cruise Missile
    • Increased explosive damage radius from 15.2m to 22.9m (+50%)
  • SAE
    • Decreased delay before explosive damage occurs by 2s.
    • Increased explosive damage radius from 19m to 20.3m (+7%).
    • Removed stun effect on victims before death.
  • Remote Turret
    • Increased cost from 7 Kills (875 Score) to 8 Kills (1,000 Score).
    • Decreased hits required for turret destruction for specific damage types.
      • Melee: from 12 hits to 3 hits
      • Launchers: from 3 hits to 2 hits
    • Improved detection of EMP hits from the Stormender Launcher.
  • Wheelson-HS
    • Increased cost from 8 Kills (1,000 Score) to 9 Kills (1,125 Score).
  • Overwatch Helo
    • Increased cost from 8 Kills (1,000) Score to 9 Kills (1,125 Score)
    • Decreased incoming damage dealt by bullets by 50%.
  • Emergency Airdrop
    • Decreased cost from 10 Kills (1,250 Score) to 9 Kills (1,125 Score).
  • Carpet Bomb
    • Decreased cost from 10 Kills (1,250 Score) to 8 Kills (1,000 Score).
    • Increased explosive damage radius from 10.2m to 12.7m (+25%).
    • Increased bomber flight speed by 40%.
  • VTOL Jet
    • Increased cost from 10 Kills (1,250 Score) to 11 Kills (1,375 Score).
    • Decreased incoming damage dealt by bullets by 50%.
    • Decreased machine gun explosive damage from 27 to 20 (-26%).
  • Gunship
    • Increased cost from 12 Kills (1,500 Score) to 13 Kills (1,625 Score).
  • Chopper Gunner
    • Increased cost from 12 Kills (1,500 Score) to 13 Kills (1,625 Score).
    • Decreased incoming damage dealt by bullets by 50%.
    • Decreased turret explosive damage from 45 to 35 (-22%).
    • Decreased turret explosive damage radius from 1.7m to 1.3m (-23%).
  • EMP
    • Decreased cost from 13 Kills (1,625 Score) to 12 Kills (1,500 Score).
    • Visual effects will no longer play twice if the player dies during detonation.
  • Swarm
    • Fixed an issue causing drones to divebomb immediately after the player who summoned it dies.
    • Fixed an issue causing drones to spawn away from the playspace on Das Haus and Mercado Las Almas.



  • Fixed a client crash issue when players attacked All For One's fort and attempted to engage AFO in his room.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the Mimic Operators from being equipped.
  • The 'Longbow' sniper rifle's 'Extinction' blueprint is no longer missing all the attachments.


  • Fixed an issue where players would see the default loading screen instead of the selected loading screen while infilling.
  • Unlocked items should no longer appear to be locked in the Gear menu. 
  • The HUD overlay from the golden Sergeants Beret no longer flickers on and off when near a Merc Camp UAV Scrambler.
  • Fixed an issue where player gamertags in the 'Squad Missions' tab of the Tac Map were difficult to read due to the font being compacted.


  • Addressed an issue that prevented the MORS Photonic Charge Barrel from applying the correct damage values when fully charged.
  • Deploying the 'Juggernaut' Killstreak no longer incorrectly deploys the 'Juggernaut Recon' killstreak from Multiplayer.
  • Dying while using Juggernaut Killstreak no longer causes loss of all weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where shooting a WunderWaffe Wonder Weapon near the Sergeants Beret Friendly Merc would cause the Merc to be affected by the weapon's AOE shocking feature.
  • Fixed an object collision issue that would occur when being grabbed by Mimic.
  • Loot in the bookstore location named Feroze and Sons is now accessible.
  • Dark Aether Rift
    • Aether Storm will no longer spawn on top of the tornado at the Rift Gate.
    • Fixed several instances of Zombies not pathing as intended on Rift Run.
    • Fixed several out-of-map exploits and glitches that resulted in players falling through the map.
  • Dark Aether
    • In the newest Act 4 story mission, players are now able to reach the Pack-A-Punch location by foot. 
    • Fixed an issue where the vote prompt would block users from starting the Dark Aether Rift after a teammate left the squad.
    • Eliminated several environmental exploits. 


  • Fixed an issue where the third punching bag could not be activated, blocking progress in the 'Tattered MMA Gloves' attunement challenge.


For the latest updates on game status, follow @CODUpdates on X. Additionally, you can utilize our Modern Warfare III board on Trello to find the status of our investigations into the top issues experienced by the community.

Your feedback is key to our goal of making Modern Warfare III the best it can be. As always, we welcome you to share your experience with us on your platform of choice.

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Patch Notes MW3


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