Bellwright Patch #12 Patch Notes on May 8th
Patch Notes Bellwright

Bellwright Patch #12 Patch Notes on May 8th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The medieval-themed open-world survival game Bellwright has been making waves since its release into Early Access on April 23. With the latest update on May 8, the developers have introduced Patch #12 with a slew of fixes and a new structure - the Tanning Rack.

Bellwright Patch #12 Patch Notes:

As we're working on the upcoming content update, we'd like to present another batch of fixes for you as well as a new structure - Tanning Rack.

It will allow you to craft Leather and Crude Wool similar to how structures like Bloomery and Cauldron work, where you or your workers add ingredients for tanning and won't need to stay there while it's crafting. It also has 2 slots! We've kept the original recipes in the Tanner's Hut for now, so you won't lose your progress if it's already crafting.

  • Added Tanning Rack, allowing to craft Leather and Crude Wool without active workers.
  • Fixed items getting lost in Lodge chest.
  • Fixed some items not being marked as quest items and being tradeable, resulting in losing them.
  • Fixed rare bug with villagers stuck in delivery role not doing anything; was caused by a specific combination of priorities.
  • Added a filter to not show non-tradeable items in settlement trading.
  • Fixed talk quests being marked as completed when exiting the dialogue too early.
  • Fixed equipping bags on NPCs creating a hidden bag container, resulting in some items being hidden in their inventories; was the cause for missing tools. Please reequip the bags on your NPCs when loading the game after the patch.
  • Fixed hunting radius resetting after reloading a save.
  • Fixed rare crash when bandits send out parties from camps.

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