Bellwright Patch #13 Patch Notes on May 10th
Patch Notes Bellwright

Bellwright Patch #13 Patch Notes on May 10th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Welcome, adventurer, to the world of Bellwright! As you embark on your journey through this medieval-themed open-world survival game, it's crucial to stay updated on the latest fixes and improvements that have been introduced to enhance your gaming experience. Let's delve into the patch notes, starting from the most recent updates and working our way back through time.

Bellwright Patch #13 Patch Notes

We have quite a lot of fixes for you today from your reports! Major issues with quests have been fixed, so please let us know if the patch solved them for you. Hunters will also no longer stare at the sky when birds fly too high and will properly bring their loot back.

Localization had both major and minor improvements, especially for Japanese language. If you're playing in Japanese, we would really appreciate your feedback on our Discord

  • Improved A Wife's Wrath quest not to seem bugged before taking it when talking to quest NPC.
  • Improved various quest descriptions to make the goals more clear.
  • Fixed prisoners turning hostile in Burning Stove quest line.
  • Fixed Sleight of Hand quest NPC displaying wrong quest.
  • Fixed Lost Sword quest not finishing, allowing to loop the reward talk.
  • Fixed prisoner cages sometimes appearing in wrong locations in quests.
  • Fixed quest NPCs sometimes appearing in wrong locations.
  • Improved Japanese localization; working on further improvements.
  • Fixed various issues in texts and all language localizations.
  • Fixed hunters not being able to hit fast moving targets.
  • Fixed hunters not bringing bird loot back.
  • Fixed dead birds getting stuck in the air after dying in background (when player is far away).
  • Fixed flight trajectory of Steel Arrows having a sudden drop.
  • Fixed Iron Ingot being crafted instead of Steel when workers add items out of order.
  • Fixed higher tier bows having wrong tool type; now all bows can be used for hunting.
  • Fixed hunters getting confused and not doing anything when birds fly too high.
  • Fixed not being able to loot one of the three chests in Wheat Fields.
  • Fixed some bandit camps despawning before all chests are looted.
  • Fixed crash when character or settlement name was longer than 256 characters.
  • Fixed crash related to Smelter particles when crafting.

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