Bellwright Patch Notes: Day 1-4 Fixes and Updates on April 26
Patch Notes Bellwright

Bellwright Patch Notes: Day 1-4 Fixes and Updates on April 26

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Bellwright, the medieval-themed open-world survival game has been making waves since its Early Access release on April 23. The developers have been hard at work, listening to player feedback and constantly improving the game with a series of hotfixes and updates. The latest patch notes from April 26 are here to keep you informed of the latest changes and fixes.

Bellwright Day 4 - April 26

  • Made Brigands send a reclamation party immediately when building a Belltower. This should make it clearer that liberation requires defending the village.
  • Added ability to interact with offline players' inventories.
  • Fixed Bronze crafting in Furnace (T2) and Smeleter (T3).
  • Fixed recruited villagers increasing their renown cost when leveling up, resulting in lost renown over time.
  • Fixed crash when building village improvements on the edge of a village.
  • Fixed a rare crash when using trading between player settlement and villages.

Bellwright Day 3 - April 25

  • Fixed issue that would sometimes prevent players from connecting to co-op loaded from saves.
  • Fixed revealed areas not loading for client in co-op after connecting.
  • Added message with a specific error when connection to co-op fails.
  • Added warning when joining co-op games if versions are incompatible (requiring update).
  • Increased storage for Simple Workbench and Weaver Loom.
  • Balanced deer's awareness and vision range further.
  • Added map icon for Simple Workbench.
  • Fixed workers gaining extremely high Farming skill XP
  • Fixed wrong stamina for new players joining a co-op game
  • Fixed rare co-op crash related to aiming with a bow
  • Fixed crash in co-op when client tries to open a settlement menu from Cottage
  • Fixed Bloomery icon in Tech Tree
  • Optimized map screen - if you were experiencing crashes on GPUs with lower than minimum required VRAM, let us know if it helped

Bellwright Day 2 - April 24

  • Fixed bandits attacking a player right after waking up.
  • Optimized AI visibility traces.
  • Optimized decorative meshes in villages.
  • Reduced stamina consumption when sprinting on roads to 33%.
  • Adjusted Farm research cost; removed Garlic requirement.
  • Made deer slightly easier to hunt.
  • Fixed not being able to join a co-op game when the host has a game menu open.
  • Fixed window scrolling in containers.
  • Fixed bow sheathing animation not playing while moving.
  • Fixed Warhammer damage type being slashing.
  • Fixed localization issues with Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Bellwright Day 1 - April 23

  • Fixed crash when failing to connect to coop game
  • Optimized replication of map icons (could cause disconnects or incorrect info displayed in coop)
  • Fixed items having incorrect attributes when damaged
  • When starting new game, player doesn't start hungry (higher HP/Stamina, longer sprint)
  • Fixed issue with companions not equipping torch correctly
  • Fixed crash caused by equipping torch
  • Fixed various issues impacting VRAM usage
  • Fixed some issues with localization

For more information and to report bugs, join the Bellwright Discord or visit the Bug Reporting Portal.

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Patch Notes Bellwright


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