Bellwright Day 7 & 8 Patch Notes on April 30th
Patch Notes Bellwright

Bellwright Day 7 & 8 Patch Notes on April 30th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Welcome, brave adventurer, to the world of Bellwright! As you prepare to delve into this medieval-themed open-world survival game, let's take a closer look at the latest patch notes that have been released for the game.

Bellwright Day 6 Patch Notes - April 30th

We've been working on another list of improvements for Bellwright from your reports and feedback. Thank you for your help with narrowing down the issues! Talking to you about them on our Discord and Steam Forums, and watching your videos and streams has been immensely helpful so far, and we'll continue doing so once we move towards larger content updates.

As of this moment, we're looking into a number features we'd like to start on based on your suggestions. From walls and fortifications, to road building, and of course, controller support and Mod Kit. Our main focus with these will be expanding and improving gameplay, but changes in various other aspects will be included consistently as well. We'll be sharing more on what's coming in the next content update soon. We're also currently working on a feature road map to share with all of you, so stay tuned to find out more!

  • Optimized map screen as a potential memory leak fix; if your game has been crashing with 16 GB RAM, please let us know if it fixed the issue for you.
  • Improved crafting delivery logic; it should fix crafting station's storage getting clogged with items.
  • Fixed Headquarters garrison not respawning over time and not sending new reclamation parties.
  • Fixed crash related to storage rules overrides.
  • Fixed items disappearing from Cabin and Cottage on loading the game.
  • Added missing texture to Cabin.
  • Fixes various visual issues with Cottage.
  • Removed lanterns from bridges that were blocking NPC movement.
  • Added missing icon for Coal Burner.
  • Fixed Wolves' Den quest issues.
  • Fixed Digging Deeper quest issues.
  • Fixed Copper and Iron mining in background; when player is far away.

Bellwright Day 7 Patch Notes - April 29th

New week brings new changes and bug fixes that you've been reporting all weekend!

We're still actively looking into various performance improvements to make the game more stable and boost your FPS on any system you might have. We've solved some of the issues on GPUs below minimum requirements already, but will continue to fine tune the game to allow it to run on your hardware and get rid of all the known GPU crashes. We're currently also investigating high memory consumption and will hopefully have a fix for it soon.

  • Added saves backup system; old saves will be backed up in case new saves fail to create
  • Made reclamation party only attacking one village if multiple are liberated
  • Made reclamation party attack once every 3-5 days
  • Fixed workers sometimes not being able to mine Copper
  • Fixed item description of Animal Trophies saying they can be placed in villages
  • Fixed storage rules on stockpiles making item unavailable for crafting
  • Fixed Coal Burner sometimes getting stuck after placement, requiring rebuilding it
  • Changed category for Wheat to be used in Seed Pouch
  • Increased Warehouse storage from 1500 to 2500
  • Fixed harvested foliage affecting AI navigation
  • Removed Resin from Lumberjack orders, as it's crafted by burning Hardwood Logs
  • Replaced Resin for Hardwood in Coal Burner recipe

For the full list of patch notes, you can visit the Steam page for Bellwright.

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Patch Notes Bellwright


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