Bellwright Day 6 Hotfixes Patch Notes on April 28th
Patch Notes Bellwright

Bellwright Day 6 Hotfixes Patch Notes on April 28th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The medieval-themed open-world survival game Bellwright has recently made its debut in Early Access on April 23, and the developers have been hard at work addressing player feedback with a series of rapid hotfixes. The latest hotfix, the sixth in a week, brings a host of important fixes and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Let's dive into the patch notes from the latest update:

Bellwright Day 6 - April 28th

With the week coming to and end, we've prepared another batch of fixes and improvements for you.

We've been eagerly reading what you have to say about Bellwright and watching you play, and we'd like to extend our thanks for your feedback and praise thus far! It's tremendously helpful and encouraging to our team to know what you think to improve the game in the right direction.

  • Fixed weapons getting destroyed when workers take and equip new
  • Fixed crash when trying to give coins to Blackridgepool's Elder
  • Fixed mining Granite requiring wrong tool
  • Fixed not being able to complete Farnworth shrine quest
  • Added map icons for Granite
  • Fixed crash related to transferring Shack between Outposts
  • Fixed workers getting stuck when trying to eat berries/mushrooms that grow in unreachable locations
  • Increased accuracy of NPC archers vs animals
  • Fixed Iron Nails not dropping from high tier enemies
  • Temporarily disabled cloth simulation on a few neutral village assets to prevent log spam
  • Fixed Headquarters not sending reclamation parties to villages in Highlands

For more detailed information on the patch notes and updates, you can visit Bellwright's official website.

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