Ark Survival Ascended Update 1.041.019 Patch Notes on May 8th
Patch Notes Ark: Survival Ascended

Ark Survival Ascended Update 1.041.019 Patch Notes on May 8th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Studio Wildcard has dropped a massive update for Ark Survival Evolved, bringing a ton of new content and fixes for players on all platforms. The highlight of the Ark Survival Ascended update 1.041.019 is the integration of the Gigantoraptor into the base game.

Ark Survival Ascended Update 1.041.019 Patch Notes:

v41.23 (41.18 client) – 05/08/2024 – Major version for servers and PC clients

  • Gigantoraptor has been integrated into the main game and can be removed from the mod list
  • Prevented some structures from being placed on train car that caused issues such as Elevators, Poker Table
  • Fixed being able to go over the max amount of Train Platform cars
  • Each Train Platform cars now count 5 toward the Personal Tame Limit
  • Fixed attached Platform cars going invisible when the Engine gets destroyed
  • Fixed bad teleport spot when using “Go to Engine” option on a train
  • Fixed Trains spawning in as wild when placing them above the tame limit
  • Fixed Creatures being unable to base on Rafts/Motorboat & Platform Saddles
  • Fixed the Vault’s collision to match its model
  • Fixed Tent not repairing correctly
  • Fixed picking up a Swivel Stool turns it into a regular chair
  • Fixed buried Treasure Chest preventing Cryopods from being deployed
  • Saloon doors now have a new animation when opening and closing using the auto-door functionality
  • Added new Auto-door option to the Frontier Structure Skin set that allows regular doors to be skinned to opt into auto-door functionality
  • Fixed being unable to remove Bolas from ally or tamed dinos when on a server
  • Fixed the player character corpse sometimes turning invisible in Single Player
  • Fixed Vaccuum cubes sometimes showing a double reflection
  • Fixed the physics of structures when demolished such as Lamppost, Pedastal, Gravestone
  • Fixed weather visuals not displaying correctly if joining the map mid weather event
  • Reduced the brightness of Fabricator’s emissive lights
  • Fixed being unable to open Trap Doors when using a ladder
  • Fixed baby corpses being sometimes being unharvestable
  • Fixed an issue that caused tamed Creatures to be deleted on restart if they were uploaded and then downloaded onto the same server/SP
  • Adjusted the Leech attachment on dinos to prevent them appearing floating too far away or inside the creature
  • Fixed the player character’s feet clipping into the ground when crouching
  • Fixed several Player Character model clipping issues
  • Fixed several clipping issues with the Outlaw Armor skin
  • Fixed several clipping issues with the Manticore Armor skin
  • Fixed dark texture appearing above Female Player Character’s chest
  • Fixed Character Creation screen appearing foggy on specific graphic settings
  • Fixed being unable to see another player’s drawing on a canvas
  • Adjusted white coloring to be more pigmented and visible on structures
  • Fixed an issue with carts when falling down a far distance
  • Fixed automatic transfer of consumables to troughs feature not working after server restart
  • Cart option to toggle transfer of consumables to troughs can now be toggled on the extra Multiuse wheel (R for PC)
  • Fixed being unable to access bags of destroyed structures that were placed on a cart
  • Fixed unconscious dinos/players not updating their position correctly when on a platform saddle/raft
  • Updated the blood impact VFX of several creatures to better match their blood color, such as Rock Elemental, Deathworm and Achatina
  • Fixed the Afro hairstyle fading out at too close of a distance
  • Added ammo blueprints into the supply crate loot tables
  • Fixed Scorched Earth supply crates dropping saddles of dinos that do not spawn there
  • Fixed dropped Black Pearls looking like the Silica Pearl model
  • Fixed Heatstroke being applied to players on The Island
  • Fixed Heatstroke not being applied to players properly on Scorched Earth
  • Made an adjustment to Broodmother arena to fix a spot used to cheese the bossfight
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a weapon to be equipped when mounting on a dino that does not allow weapons
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to fall unconscious when re-mounting a flyer if they crashed while riding one
  • Speculative fix for Player Characters appearing rotated towards the position they are looking in while mounted
  • Fixed Quarter Foundation HP being the same as a full-sized one, is now equal to a Triangle foundation
  • Reduced Thatch Window Wall HP
  • Fixed wild Wyvern nests having multiple eggs stacking up on the same spot
  • Fixed wild Wyvern nests being removed on sever restart leaving a floating egg in place
  • Uprezzed Wyvern egg textures
  • Fixed floating rivets on the Metal Gateframe model
  • Fixed messed up textures on Metal Quarter wall
  • Fixed Vessel changing how many handles it has when switching between empty/full model
  • Fixed low fps caused by Mirror structure when activated
  • Fixed map coordinates displaying differently on Player Map, Mini-map, Tek Gauntlets
  • Fixed Scarf not showing in paint preview window for Rustler Hat
  • Fixed Dino/Player poop and pearls clipping through the ground
  • Fixed eggs flying away when dropped on the ground
  • Adjusted several multi-use icons
  • Fixed Mantis attacks dealing more damage than intended with unconventional weapons (Paintbrush, spyglass, scissors)
  • Gigantoraptor merged to the base game
  • Fixed Gigantoraptor bonding imprint not adding to pre-existing imprint % properly
  • Fixed Phoenix sometimes teleporting to origin after Super Heat event stops
  • Fixed Phoenix not dropping Black Pearls
  • Fixed Morellatops stopping to drink water when it has a valid Follow target
  • Fixed Morellatops water value being clamped to 750 if it has a higher capacity due to imprinting
  • Fixed an issue with Morellatops water drinking VFX particles
  • Fixed Morellatops hating Tents
  • Fixed Fasolasuchus providing too little resources when harvested
  • Fixed Fasolasuchus being unable to bury when affected by a Yuty’s courage buff
  • Fixed Mantis claw swipe trail VFX being too bright inside caves
  • Fixed being unable to equip a shovel if you do not own Bob’s Tall Tales
  • Fixed being able to forcetame an Oasisaur without owning Bob’s Tall Tales
  • Fixed being able to access the resource inventory of an Oasisaur that does not belong to you
  • Oasisaur can no longer carry a Titanosaur
  • Fixed Thyla’s jump losing momentum
  • Fixed Thyla sometimes continuing to slide upwards while climbing
  • Fixed Fire Wyvern’s breath attack hitting mounted riders
  • Fixed being unable to place custom cosmetic structure skins to the hotbar
  • Fixed an issue where the spear wasn’t being hidden correctly, causing it to flicker in FPV when thrown
  • Removed erroneous breeding option in Rock Elemental’s multi-use wheel
  • Fixed Rock Elemental getting points rolled into oxygen as it does not use it
  • Fixed some texture issues with Rock Elemental model
  • Removed erroneous “Hide in tree” option in Thyla’s multi-use wheel
  • Fixed Stego’s plates color not appearing when switching modes
  • Fixed several Thorny Dragon model issues
  • Fixed incorrect baby bone scaling on Jerboa
  • Fixed full body emotes playing while mounted on dinos
  • Removed XP from crafting the cosmetic skins from Bob’s Tall Tales
  • Increase Deathworm spawns by 25% on Scorched Earth
  • Alpha Deathworms guarantee drop 75 black pearls and a Treasure Map
  • Fixed inaccessible Supply Crates on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed Cave Supply crates spawning inside the mesh on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed Queen Bees spawning inside the mesh on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed ambient insect Fireflies becoming too bright at times on Scorched Earth
  • Reduced the frequency of weather events on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed a console issue that caused colored fog that would appear in caves on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed a console issue that caused ghosting/after image effect appearing on movement
  • Adjusted the collision of some trees on Scorched Earth
  • Added wild creature spawns to the Trench Cave on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed several mesh holes on Scorched Earth
  • Made adjustments to several rat holes on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed several cases of floating foliage on The Island
  • Fixed several mesh holes on The Island
  • Disabled the use of various console commands used to gain visual advantages (we will continue to monitor and disable more of these as necessary)
  • Fixed main music not playing when launching the game in some languages
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed several exploits
  • Fixed several server crashes

For more information on the update and upcoming features, make sure to check out the official patch notes provided by Studio Wildcard here.

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Patch Notes Ark: Survival Ascended


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