3 Additional Mario Game Boy Games Will be Added to Switch Online Next Week
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3 Additional Mario Game Boy Games Will be Added to Switch Online Next Week

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're a fan of classic Mario games, get ready to jump for joy because three more beloved titles are set to arrive on Nintendo Switch Online's Game Boy library next week!

Announced by Nintendo as part of its Mario Day celebrations, the following games will be added to the service on Tuesday, March 12:

  • Dr. Mario (Game Boy)
  • Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)
  • Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)

In the Game Boy version of Dr. Mario, players must assist Dr. Mario in eliminating all the viruses in his jar by strategically dropping colored pills on them to make matches and clear them away. Due to the Game Boy's monochrome display, the pills are in black, white, and grey.

Released in 1999, Mario Golf for Game Boy Color features a unique Story mode where players choose one of four characters and take them through tournaments, leveling up their stats along the way. This game marked the first handheld Mario Golf title developed by Camelot Software Planning.

Mario Tennis, released in 2001, offers a similar feature set to Mario Golf with a focus on gameplay over power-ups. It features a Story mode where players select characters and help them rise through the ranks at the Royal Academy.

These exciting Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are available as part of the standard Switch Online subscription, providing hours of fun for fans of the iconic plumber and his friends.

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