Nintendo Switch Hits 139 Million Sales
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Nintendo Switch Hits 139 Million Sales Milestone

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The Nintendo Switch has officially etched its name in the annals of gaming history by surpassing 139 million units sold since its launch in 2017. This remarkable milestone not only underscores the console's widespread appeal but also cements its status as Nintendo's second-highest-selling console, trailing only behind the legendary Nintendo DS.

Despite its late entry into a competitive market, the Switch has outperformed its predecessors, the Wii and 3DS, by a significant margin. The console's success is further highlighted by the staggering 1.2 billion software units sold, a testament to its robust game library and the enduring popularity of Nintendo's franchises.

The recent financial update from Nintendo reveals a company in robust health, with increases across the board in operating profit, net sales, and net profit for FY24 compared to the previous fiscal year. The number of annual player users has seen an exponential rise, reaching 122 million gamers in 2023, indicating the Switch's growing user base and its pivotal role in Nintendo's ecosystem.

Nintendo Sales

The market has responded well to the diverse offerings of the Switch lineup, with the OLED model leading sales since FY2023. Both digital and physical sales trends have shown positive growth, painting a promising picture for the future of Nintendo's flagship console.

Looking ahead, Nintendo has set the stage for an exciting year with highly anticipated releases like Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Princess Peach Showtime. The gaming community is also abuzz with speculation about the next hardware release from Nintendo, with many expecting the Switch 2 to debut by the end of the year. Although details remain scarce, the anticipation builds for what could be the next chapter in Nintendo's storied console legacy.

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