Nintendo Switch 2 Set for 2025 Launch
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Nintendo Switch 2 Set for 2025 Launch, Reports Suggest

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Recent buzz from The Verge has ignited discussions around the Nintendo Switch 2, hinting at a potential release in 2025. This speculation gains further weight from a Nikkei report, suggesting an early 2025 launch, possibly by March.

When approached, Nintendo maintained its silence, offering no specific comments on these rumors. This stance comes amidst widespread anticipation for the console's release, previously expected by many to occur this year. The Nikkei report, however, aligns with earlier rumors, adding credibility to the speculated launch timeline.

Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe also contributed to the speculation, suggesting a Q1 2025 launch for the new console. Despite the growing rumors, Nintendo has yet to confirm any details regarding the release window of the eagerly awaited console.

The delay in the Nintendo Switch 2's release has notably impacted Nintendo's stock, with a Bloomberg report highlighting an 8.8% drop. This decline reflects the disappointment among investors and fans, who had high hopes following the buildup of anticipation.

Additionally, expectations were set for a significant Nintendo Direct this month, which instead turned out to be a Partner Showcase. This shift might hint at Nintendo's broader strategy to transition towards their next console offering.

Speculation was rife about a March reveal for the new console. However, Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe recently suggested a June reveal, noting the fluid nature of such plans but expressing confidence in this new timeline. If true, this would provide Nintendo ample time to prepare and market the Nintendo Switch 2, though an official reveal date remains unconfirmed.

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