Yuji Naka Accuses Dragon Quest Producer of Lying in Court in an X Post
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Yuji Naka Accuses Dragon Quest Producer of Lying in Court in an X Post

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

After a 16-month social media blackout, Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka made a comeback by accusing top Dragon Quest producer Yu Miyake of lying during Naka's insider trading trial.

Last year, Naka faced legal consequences for insider trading, resulting in a suspended prison sentence and hefty fines totaling ¥173 million ($1.2 million). The former Square Enix employee admitted guilt to buying shares based on confidential information.

Naka's return to social media was prompted by news of Miyake's reported re-assignment at Square Enix. Miyake, known for his role as executive officer on Naka's project Balan Wonderworld, was accused by Naka of deceit in court documents related to the insider trading case.

In an X post, Naka expressed his relief at Miyake's potential departure, citing his distrust towards someone who would present false evidence to a court of law. Naka praised the incoming Square Enix president and hinted at a positive change within the company.

Miyake, a long-time director at Square Enix responsible for overseeing the Dragon Quest franchise, will now lead the company's mobile games division following a reported internal reshuffling according to Bloomberg sources.

Following his initial arrest in November 2022, Naka was accused of being privy to confidential details about upcoming mobile titles before their official announcements, such as Dragon Quest Tact developed by Japanese studio Aiming.

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