WWE 2K24 Censors Vince McMahon Footage
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WWE 2K24 Censors Vince McMahon Footage in Showcase Mode

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In an unforeseen alteration to the gaming experience, WWE 2K24 has implemented strategic blurring of archival footage depicting Vince McMahon during select portions of its Showcase mode.

An abrupt measure taken in the light of McMahon being embroiled in a sexual assault and trafficking lawsuit, McMahon's censored appearance is especially noticeable during sections of the game's WrestleMania Showcase. In this particular mode, players get the opportunity to relive and reinterpret iconic WrestleMania bouts.

The decision to partially obscure McMahon's presence in numerous cutscenes has led to certain instances where significant portions of the screen are dominated by blurred images, which can be somewhat distracting and disrupt the overall gaming experience. Given McMahon's integral role as both the actual head of wrestling promotion and as his infamous alter-ego, the villainous Mr McMahon, this development is a substantial departure from the traditional gaming narrative that fans have become accustomed to.

McMahon's shocking exit from the company in the wake of a lawsuit filed by former employee, Janel Grant, sheds some light on the developers' decision. The lawsuit alleges that McMahon, along with another undisclosed executive, engaged in sexual assault and trafficking, exploiting Grant to attract new wrestling talent to the organisation. It is important to note that despite McMahon's partially blurred presence in certain Showcase excerpts, his character isn't entirely removed from the mode. Encounters such as the famed matchup between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin include an uncensored McMahon in in-game scenarios and mid-fight cutscenes.

However, it's probable that McMahon, who in the past was a staple in the game's full roster, was reckoned for inclusion yet again. But following the scandalous accusations and his subsequent exit from the company, the character of McMahon isn't available for unlocking in the game, and is restricted to his pre-programmed appearance in the Stone Cold-The Rock encounter, his role most likely getting confirmed before the emergence of the lawsuit.

McMahon isn't the only character getting censored in WWE 2K24. Brock Lesnar, 7-time WWE Champion and 3-time WWE Universal Champion, faces similar treatment due to his indirect implication in McMahon's lawsuit. The game's design permits Lesnar, similar to McMahon, to feature in Showcase mode but restricts his usage anywhere else in the game to maintain consistency in the game narrative following the scandalous lawsuit.

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