Valorant Introduces Brave Scottish Character Clove
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Valorant Introduces Brave Scottish Character Clove

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Riot Games has revealed the latest addition to their popular FPS game Valorant, introducing players to the Scottish agent, Clove.

Clove, a Controller in Valorant, is set to make her debut in Episode 8: Act II. Players were treated to a captivating music video and gameplay trailer showcasing Clove's unique abilities.

One of Clove's standout features is her ability to resurrect herself upon death if her ultimate is ready. However, she must act swiftly to secure a kill or assist to sustain her life energy.

Additionally, Clove possesses other death-themed abilities such as deploying smokes near her place of death even after passing. She can also cast a debuff on enemies and gain a self-buff by absorbing the life energy of a defeated opponent.

Designed for aggressive players who enjoy the Controller role, Clove's unique mechanics offer a fresh and engaging gameplay experience in Valorant.

If you're new to Valorant, it is a first-person hero shooter exclusively available on PC. The game recently weathered significant staff layoffs at Riot Games, impacting the development team behind it.

Riot Games remains committed to expanding its gaming portfolio, with projects like the upcoming fighting game set in Runeterra titled "2XKO" and a MMORPG within the same universe in development.

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