Ubisoft Faces Backlash for Revoking The Crew Licenses
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Ubisoft Faces Backlash for Revoking The Crew Licenses

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Some of us know the frustration of investing our hard-earned money into a game, only to have that investment essentially wiped out when servers get taken down. The latest victim of this harsh reality is Ubisoft's 2014 racing game, The Crew.

With Ubisoft recently shutting down all servers for The Crew, players were left with an unplayable game, despite having paid for it. There was hope among the community for potential community-made patches to salvage some form of gameplay, but Ubisoft quickly squashed those dreams by revoking licenses from players, essentially cutting off all access to the game.

According to a message shared on Reddit, players were met with a blunt notification on the game's library page stating, “You no longer have access to this game. Why not check the store to pursue your adventures?” The sense of disappointment and betrayal felt by players is understandable, as the expectation of owning a game forever is a reasonable one, even if servers go offline.

Reddit users have expressed their thoughts for Ubisoft's actions, highlighting the unsettling future this sets for the gaming industry. By revoking licenses post-purchase, Ubisoft has shifted the concept of ownership to a more temporary state, leaving players questioning the value of their investments.

Ubisoft revoking licenses for The Crew, preventing owners who paid for the game from installing it.
byu/ArguingMaster ingaming

Ubisoft has remained silent on the matter so far, but the damage has already been done in the eyes of many gamers. The industry's constant reminder of the fragility of digital ownership continues to loom large, serving as a stark reminder to tread carefully when investing in games tied to online servers.

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