Twitch Tightens Rules on Drops Campaigns
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Twitch Tightens Rules on Drops Campaigns: What Streamers Need to Know

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a recent development, Twitch has made a significant move to clarify and tighten the rules surrounding its popular 'Drops' campaigns. These campaigns are special events that enable viewers to unlock bonuses and rewards in specific games by watching streamers play. However, recent trends have shown a deviation from the intended purpose of these campaigns, prompting Twitch to step in.

Understanding Twitch Drops Campaigns

Drops campaigns on Twitch have been a unique way for viewers to engage with streamers and games. By watching streams, viewers can earn in-game rewards and bonuses, adding an extra layer of interaction to the streaming experience. This system not only benefits viewers but also helps streamers by increasing viewer engagement and potentially attracting a larger audience.

However, not all has been smooth in the realm of Drops campaigns. Twitch Support recently highlighted on Twitter that some streamers were 'abusing' these campaigns by not streaming live content. Instead, they were broadcasting static images, rebroadcasts of past VODs, or even being AFK (Away From Keyboard) while offering Drops. This misuse undermines the purpose of Drops, which is to reward viewers for engaging with live, interactive content.

A notable example of this misuse was observed during the massive Escape from Tarkov Drops campaign. The game soared to the top of Twitch charts, with some streamers breaking the intended rules by being AFK or using holding scenes. This campaign required viewers to watch nine hours of content daily to gain all rewards, a commitment that was exploited by some streamers for viewer retention.

Twitch has made it clear that such practices are not acceptable. Streamers misusing the Drops system will face penalties, although viewers will not be penalized for soaking up rewards from such streams. This move by Twitch is a step towards ensuring that Drops campaigns remain fair and engaging for both viewers and streamers.

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