The Outlast Trials' Toxic Shock Update: New MK Challenges and Limited-Time Trial
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The Outlast Trials' Toxic Shock Update: New MK Challenges and Limited-Time Trial

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The next big update for The Outlast Trials, Toxic Shock, is set to release on 16 April, bringing a wave of fresh content to the game. This update marks a significant milestone following the full release of the game on Steam after its Early Access phase.

The Toxic Shock update is packed with exciting new features, including a time-limited event, a new Variator, an additional secondary objective, and, of course, exclusive rewards for the players who dare to delve into the eerie world of The Outlast Trials.

This update will only be available from 16 April to 7 May 2024, so be sure to jump in and experience the new mode before time runs out. Take on the challenges, unlock exclusive prizes, and explore the chilling depths of The Outlast Trials like never before!

New MK Challenges Await

Players can look forward to brand new MK Challenges in the upcoming weeks, offering thrilling experiences that will test their skills and nerves. Two of the upcoming challenges include:

  • Tilt The Scales of Justice – Dive into a moral and strategic showdown as you confront corruption head-on. Can truth prevail against the allure of ill-gotten gains? Balance the scales of justice and witness the outcome.
  • Sabotage The Factory – Embark on a daring mission to disrupt the sinister operations of the Murkoff Corporation. With control over production in their hands, players must use every tool at their disposal to bring the factory to a halt.

These challenges promise exciting gameplay experiences that will push players to their limits and uncover the darkest secrets lurking within The Outlast Trials.

With the release of the Toxic Shock update just around the corner, anticipation is building among players eager to immerse themselves in the new content. Get ready to face your fears, overcome the unknown, and survive the horrors that await in The Outlast Trials!

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