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The MultiVersus X Account Teases Potential Game Launch

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

After a long silence of over eight months, the official MultiVersus X account has posted its first update, suggesting the likelihood of the game's imminent launch. The message posted on Tuesday simply read, "Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3," implying that something is brewing behind the scenes.

Previous reports highlight that the game's open beta ended last June, and it was then that the account went dark, anticipating a planned release for 2024. The recent tease coincides with the Happy Meal page on the Australian McDonald's website hinting at an upcoming MultiVersus promotion.

For those unfamiliar with MultiVersus, it started as an open beta in July 2022. It's a crossover fighting game in the vein of Smash Bros, merging characters from a wide array of Warner Bros.' properties. This includes famed franchises like DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network, Game of Thrones, Tom & Jerry, Gremlins, Rick & Morty, and The Iron Giant.

As per the numbers, MultiVersus stirred considerable interest upon its release. With more than 143,000 players on its Steam on day one and increasing to 153,433 the following day, it seemed to be on a promising trajectory. Moreover, within a month of its unveiling, it was reported that over 20 million players had already downloaded and engaged with the game, showing a healthy base to expand on.

However, the game's fortunes took a hit as MultiVersus saw a dramatic drop in its daily peak player count, which by February 2023, fell below 1,000 – a steep drop of 99.4% in less than seven months. This could be attributed to a lukewarm response to the game's second season, which was noted for being long and lacking in new content.

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