The Initial Recipient of Neuralink Used it to Play Civilization 6
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The First Neuralink Patient Uses it to Play Civilization 6

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Imagine being able to control a game with just your thoughts. This futuristic concept has become a reality for 29-year-old Noland Arbaugh, the first person to ever receive a Neuralink brain implant. Arbaugh, a quadriplegic, recently shared his experience of using the Neuralink implant to play Civilization 6, a popular strategy game.

Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, announced the successful implantation of the device back in January. Just two months later, Arbaugh showcased the incredible capabilities of this groundbreaking technology by engaging in a game of chess on his computer through the Neuralink implant.

During a livestream on Twitter, Arbaugh expressed his delight at being able to play games with newfound independence. He mentioned, "One of the first times y'all gave me complete control over this, I actually stayed up until, like jeez, I don't know, like 6am playing Civilization 6," highlighting the joy and freedom the Neuralink implant has brought into his life.

Previously, the intricate gameplay of Civilization 6 posed challenges for Arbaugh, requiring assistance from others for extended gaming sessions. However, with the Neuralink implant, he can now enjoy playing the game from the comfort of his bed. Arbaugh shared, "Now I can literally just lie in bed and play to my heart's content. Honestly the biggest restriction at this point was having to wait for the implant to charge once I had used all of it. This newfound accessibility has opened up a world of possibilities for Arbaugh, allowing him to indulge in his gaming passion independently.

Aside from enhancing his gaming experience, the Neuralink implant is set to provide Arbaugh with more freedom in his daily life. By utilizing an app that interprets the signals recorded and transmitted by the implant, Arbaugh will have improved control over his intended movements, marking a significant step towards increased independence.

The story of Arbaugh and his groundbreaking use of the Neuralink implant paints a picture of a future where technology seamlessly integrates with human capabilities, transforming lives and empowering individuals to pursue their passions. What do you think of the first human Neuralink patient embracing the freedom to play Civilization 6?

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