Tarkov Rolls Back Latest Update
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Tarkov Rolls Back Latest Update Amidst Player Outcry

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In an unexpected turn of events, Battlestate Games has decided to roll back the latest update for Escape from Tarkov, just a day after its deployment. The update, version, aimed to remove snow from the game while tweaking armor, recoil, and other fundamental aspects to enhance gameplay. However, it introduced more problems than it solved, including severe frame rate drops on larger maps and odd recoil patterns for handguns, prompting an immediate response from the developers.

The decision to revert to the previous stable version of the game was announced after players flooded social media and forums with their concerns. Battlestate Games acknowledged the issues, stating on Twitter that the rollback was necessary due to "critical issues and bugs" discovered post-update. They assured that the content of Patch would be reintroduced in future updates, with adjustments made based on community feedback.

This move has received mixed reactions from the Tarkov community. While many appreciate the swift action taken by Battlestate Games to ensure a stable gaming experience, others are frustrated by the frequent downtimes, especially so soon after the previous update. It's a delicate balance between introducing new content and maintaining game stability, a challenge that Battlestate Games continues to navigate.

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