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Tarkov Arena Reveals Exciting Six-Month Roadmap

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Battlestate Games has just rolled out a comprehensive six-month roadmap for Tarkov Arena, the standalone multiplayer shooter that has quickly carved out its niche in the gaming community since its debut in December. This roadmap, stretching up until mid-summer 2024, is packed with a variety of updates, ranging from minor tweaks to significant additions, sparking a divide in the community's reception.

What’s on the Horizon for Tarkov Arena?

Since its staggered launch, Tarkov Arena has stood out as a distinct entity from the hardcore, extraction shooter title Escape from Tarkov, despite sharing some gameplay elements and the overarching universe. The roadmap highlights several imminent updates by the end of February, including:

  • Enhancements to the Ranked Mode
  • A rework of the Preset System
  • Integration of the Hitbox and Armor system from Escape from Tarkov
  • Custom lobby improvements
  • A new location for TeamFight mode

Looking further ahead, the roadmap outlines additional content and changes for two major updates scheduled for mid-spring and mid-summer. These updates promise to introduce new modes, fresh locations, and sought-after quality-of-life improvements. Notably, the roadmap teases the introduction of cross-functionality between Arena and Escape from Tarkov, a feature eagerly anticipated by fans.

Moreover, the roadmap addresses the enhancement of the game's anti-cheat systems, the addition of an achievement system, and further customization options, which are among the most requested features by the community.

This ambitious roadmap has ignited a mix of excitement and skepticism within the Tarkov Arena community. While some players are enthusiastic about the future of the game, others fear these changes may not be enough to sustain the game's momentum.

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Gaming News Escape From Tarkov