Strange Behavior of Automatons in Helldivers 2 Spark Speculation
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Strange Behavior of Automatons in Helldivers 2 Spark Speculation

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Helldivers 2 players recently faced a monumental task - to completely eradicate the Automatons from the galaxy in a Major Order. Despite a difficult start, the Helldivers community finally found their rhythm and successfully completed the challenge ahead of schedule.

Many speculated whether the elimination of the Automatons meant the end of them for good, opening up the possibility for a new threat to emerge, such as The Illuminate faction. Players have reported witnessing strange occurrences involving the Automatons, hinting that the robots may have known their fate was sealed.

One Reddit user, U/Aeywen, shared a particular experience where some of the Automatons chose not to engage in combat and instead followed players around. These robots displayed a different behavior, as their eyes did not turn red, leading to speculation that they were attempting a last-ditch effort to avoid destruction.

if you see a basic bot with non red eyes, at the end of a wave.
byu/Aeywen inHelldivers

U/P_F_M also chimed in on Reddit, recounting multiple instances where Automatons displayed unusual behavior, following players closely and seemingly being invulnerable to damage. These occurrences have sparked curiosity among the community, prompting further investigation into the enemy's behavior near defeat.

With the completion of the Major Order to eliminate the Automatons, Helldivers 2 players now await what the future holds for the galaxy. Will a new threat arise, or will the aftermath of the Automatons' downfall reveal unexpected consequences? Only time will tell in this ever-evolving universe of Helldivers.

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