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Starfield Update 1.10.30 Beta Is Now Available with the "Most Fixes and Improvements So Far"

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Starfield's latest beta update, numbered 1.10.30, now available on Steam, has brought the most numerous set of bug fixes and improvements to the game ever seen. This update, released by Bethesda, is currently limited to beta patches on Steam and will soon make its way to the Xbox and Windows Store after sufficient testing.

The magnitude of the improvements and fixes in this beta patch is immediately noticeable in the patch notes. With almost 7,500 words, the notes cover a myriad of areas such as quests, graphics, gameplay, outposts, saving and loading, ships, text and localization, and user interface.

Here are some of the main changes that have come with this new update:

  • PHOTOMODE: Implementing the setting of Expressions and Poses for player and companions in Photomode.
  • SCANNER: You can now open doors and harvest with the scanner opened.
  • Setting course on an inactive quest will now make it the active quest.
  • Added an option to adjust FOV during 3rd Person Ship view.
  • Added an Anisotropic filtering quality slider (PC).
  • Removed the digipick cost for using Undo in the Security mini-game.
  • Enhanced the autosave feature for fast travelling from a planet's surface to orbit.
  • Augmented the Ship UI to perform more smoothly at higher framerates.

Although no monumental features have been added in this beta patch, the vast array of critical problem fixes compensate for it.

Besides, Bethesda has indicated a consistent update strategy for Starfield, with a similar update expected every six weeks. This includes future enhancements to gameplay such as new ways of travel, and city maps. Additionally, official mod support is also coming sometime soon in this year.

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