Starfield Fan Finds Simple Solution for Bethesda's Most Frustrating Game Problem
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Starfield Fan Finds Simple Solution for Bethesda's Most Frustrating Game Problem

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Since the release of the massive sci-fi RPG Starfield in late 2023, players have been eagerly awaiting updates and patches from Bethesda to address various quality-of-life issues within the game. While some updates have been rolled out, one issue that continues to frustrate players is the clunky quest design.

A user on Reddit, JinansBreath, recently proposed a simple yet effective solution to this problem - a radio for convenient communication with quest givers. This idea would allow players to complete or progress through quests without the need to travel halfway across the galaxy for a brief conversation with an NPC.

A solution to a problem we all have. (Especially temple runners)
byu/JinansBreath inStarfield

Community support for JinansBreath's idea highlights the frustration among players with Bethesda's slow response to game issues. While official updates from the developer have been lacking, players have taken matters into their own hands by creating mods to improve various aspects of Starfield.

One of the most requested features by players is the addition of a music-playing radio within the game. Modders have also addressed issues such as the lack of a mini-map in cities, cluttered AI, and other gameplay enhancements. These mods have provided players with a more immersive and enjoyable experience, despite the absence of official mod support from Bethesda.

While Bethesda has released some content updates for Starfield, the community is still waiting for substantial additions to the game. The recent Photo Mode update and minor tweaks have left players questioning the developer's priorities. The promise of future updates and expansions, such as the Shattered Space expansion in 2024, brings hope for further improvements to the overall gameplay experience.

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