Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection to Launch Without Crossplay
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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection to Launch Without Crossplay, But Supports Cross-Generation Multiplayer

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The much-anticipated release of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection by Aspyr on March 14 is creating a buzz in the gaming community. It's now clear that the eagerly-awaited game won't provide a crossplay feature but will offer new maps and heroes, boosting the content available for fans. Ensuring transparency, Aspyr has also clarified that all the content included in the game is original with no uncredited material.

As confirmed by a representative from Aspyr, there won't be a crossplay option in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. This news has left some fans disheartened as they had hoped to play the retro game across different platforms. This has been a letdown especially as crossplay wasn't flagged in the initial reveal of the game, which led to ounces of hope for a cross-platform sharing among gaming circles.

Crossplay officially not happening, i put in a ticket with Aspyr and this was the response :(
byu/ItsMaverick1357 inStarWarsBattlefront

The Battlefront Classic Collection’s initial reveal on February 21 sparked intrigue among the fraternity, particularly in those who have had a stint with the classic games on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The collection features all robust content of Battlefront and Battlefront 2 along with exciting new maps and heroes. However, with the absence of a trendy and common feature like crossplay, the game's release has sparked mixed reactions.

This lack of crossplay was confirmed by an Aspyr employee in response to a Reddit Post by user ItsMaverick1357. The employee ensured that the game supports cross-generation multiplayer, allowing players from PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S to enjoy the game together, even if they can't reach out to friends playing on other platforms. There may be a possibility of introducing crossplay in future updates, but Aspyr hasn't given any such promises yet.

Despite the disappointment, the Battlefront Classic Collection is set to garner a broad player base across all platforms right from its launch. This is hugely due to the thrilling Battlefront Classic Collection’s bonus content, an exciting bundle consisting of the new Jabba's Palace map for the original Battlefront and four maps plus two new heroes for Battlefront 2. Recognizable faces amongst Star Wars fans, the new heroes are Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress.

Apart from the crossplay setback, the Battlefront Classic Collection has faced another controversy when a fan pointed out that the two new hero characters were taken from a fan-crafted mod without crediting the source. Clearing the air, Aspyr released a statement explaining that the above heroes were part of a placeholder footage mistakenly included in the trailer, and the final game version will not include any content from uncredited sources. A recent revelation about the Battlefront Classic Collection’s download size has been disclosed partially. The Nintendo's eShop listing confirmed a size of 25.4 GB, leaving fans on other platforms longing for their specifics.

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