Modders Notice an Inconsistency in the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Trailer
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Sharp-Sighted Modders Notice an Inconsistency in the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Trailer

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection's reveal during the recent Nintendo Direct event evoked nostalgia for gamers who grew up battling in iconic locales like Hoth and Endor as forces of Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. Moreover, a specific modder recalls their creativity sparking it off. Unpacking the backstory: the original Battlefront 2, crafted by Pandemic and released in 2005, offered a DLC pack exclusively for Xbox players that introduced two new characters – Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress – alongside four maps. These characters had unique animations and movements absent from any other in-game personalities. As this additional content was only made available on Xbox, PC users missed out.

Coming to 2021, modder iamashaymin effectively broke this barrier by porting the DLC onto the PC platform, rendering Kit and Asajj (using base models Ki Adi Mundi for Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura for Asajj Ventress). While visually akin to their Xbox counterparts, sharp-eyed players detected their actions and styles echo those of their base models. Still, the mod stirred enthusiasm among the Star Wars Battlefront community, cultivating its following.

Reddit users were first to notice, TMT-MrExcitement said that the trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection seemingly doesn't feature the original Xbox DLC, but adopts iamashaymin’s mod instead, lifting it from ModDB. What intensifies the issue is iamashaymin's assertion that the model used in the game is outdated. In a discussion with, iamashaymin shared details.

Regarding the unique Linksabers (fiber cord-linked twin red lightsabers first seen in the DLC) equipped by Asajj Ventress in his mod, iamashaymin clarified that unlike in the original, she wields two distinct lightsabers in both hands. A minute inspection of the game trailer, according to iamashaymin and other modding enthusiasts, hints at the saber hilts being derived from his modded versions.

Iamashaymin also suspects that the deployed version of his mod is outdated, as he recently upgraded the mod upon resolving a persistent technical glitch. Regardless of the predicament, iamashaymin seemed calm, expressing delight at being part of the game's narrative. Even so, he prefers an official PC launch of the Xbox-exclusive DLC featuring the original heroes instead of an erroneous mod, even if he played a role in creating it.

Iamashaymin isn’t clear about whether his mod was employed merely for the trailer or will be included in the final release. The questionable use of mods is fostering criticism towards Aspyr and contributing to growing negative viewpoints surrounding the game collection.

Though anticipating the Classic Collection, doubts and trepidations cloud the excitement of the modding community about factors like the compatibility of the enormous backlog of mods and potential bug fixes with the new release.

Iamashaymin continues contributing to the Star Wars video gaming franchise as the primary developer of the Battlefront 3 Legacy project. This endeavor seeks to simulate the ambience and content of the Star Wars Battlefront 3, which was annulled in 2008.

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