Sega Announces 'Year of Shadow' Celebrating Shadow the Hedgehog
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Sega Announces 'Year of Shadow' Celebrating Shadow the Hedgehog

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Sega has recently announced an exciting new promotional campaign called "Fearless: Year of Shadow" to celebrate everyone's favorite anti-hero, Shadow the Hedgehog. This campaign will showcase various events and activities centered around Shadow, including tie-ins with the Sonic The Hedgehog 3 movie.

One of the highlights of the campaign is the unveiling of a Shadow-inspired motorcycle that will make appearances at special events such as the MotoGP Fan Zone in Austin, TX, and later in the UK. Fans will also have the chance to enjoy in-game tie-in events in Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash, where they can unlock different Shadow variants like Super Shadow, Vampire Shadow, Sir Lancelot, and Dragon Hunter Lancelot.

Additionally, the Sonic Symphony World Tour will be incorporating original Shadow-based scores into their setlist, accompanied by some of Shadow's most iconic moments on screen.

On the movie front, Sonic 3 director Jeff Fowler has announced the completion of filming for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog 3 movie. The newly released logo for the film pays homage to the classic Sonic Adventure 2.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Sega has also revealed that a revamped version of the 2011 platformer, Sonic X Shadow Generations, will be hitting shelves later this year. This updated game will feature brand-new content focused on Shadow and is set to release in Autumn for consoles and PC platforms.

In Sonic Generations, players will embark on a thrilling adventure alongside their alternate selves in both 'classic' and 'modern' gameplay styles. Get ready to experience Shadow the Hedgehog like never before as you unveil his untapped powers and abilities, showcasing why he is hailed as the Ultimate Life Form.

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