Season 2 Reloaded Update for Call of Duty Warzone
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Season 2 Reloaded Update for Call of Duty Warzone Introduces New Features and Content

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone's Season 2, dubbed as the "Reloaded update", is all set to bring in an array of new in-game upgrades, killstreaks, distinctive points of interest, and much more!

As attested by the ever-changing dynamics of Call of Duty: Warzone , each season has offered its players a plethora of new content, ranging from weapons, operators, playlists, map POIs, to entirely new game areas like Fortune's Keep, Urzikstan, and Rebirth Island.

Making its way later this week on March 6, this mid-season patch, Reloaded update, is loaded with a robust series of unprecedented changes and novel content. New features, such as Raven Software's upgraded field and killstreak, await the players alongside a new point of interest, known as the Research Vessel.

Revealed in the Season 2 Reloaded blog update , Call of Duty: Warzone introduces the Research Vessel POI off the coastline of Fortune's Keep . This POI is a moving pontoon-style watercraft which anchors after two minutes of game commencement, stopping at various unpredictable locations.

Similar to witnesses' desperate pursuit in the secret vault of Fortune's Keep , players are expected to scout and seize control of the Research Vessel as soon as the match begins. This unraveling curiosity is due to the multiple advantages that can be grabbed by controlling the moving ship. Activision has hinted at the prospective bonuses, including:

  • UAV Tower
  • Unique Buy Station with exclusive items
  • Helipad and helicopter
  • Decontamination station similar to the new PDS field upgrade, creating a temporary safe zone
  • A locked chamber with heaps of loot

Updates, however, may not always be seamless. Several bugs and glitches may appear as an aftermath of frequent updates. Recently, there were technical issues with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 where players faced difficulties progressing their events, challenges, and Battle Pass. Certain modes were temporarily disabled due to these problems. Luckily, a prompt solution was provided to restore the missing modes and features.

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