Roadhog's Chain Hook Glitch
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Roadhog's Chain Hook Glitch in Overwatch 2 Creates Confusion with Teleporting Doomfist

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

A strange glitch in the Overwatch 2 universe creates a paradoxical teleportation situation involving Roadhog and Doomfist characters. The viral gameplay video adding a teleportation feature to Roadhog's Chain Hook has left Overwatch 2 enthusiasts baffled, leading to lots of debate and chuckling.

Roadhog, one of the original Overwatch heroes, is much loved for its iconic disruptive Chain Hook. The recent tweak to Roadhog's abilities in OW2 unsettles the gameplay while staying true to the hero's character.

An Overwatch 2 player shared gameplay video on Overwatch Anonymous' Twitter account, showcasing a peculiar incident involving Roadhog's hook and Doomfist. The video depicts a bizarre scene where Roadhog hooks Doomfist while playing on the Hollywood map in Overwatch 2, resulting in both characters, along with the payload car, teleporting to another end of the map. Moments later, Doomfist mysteriously dies.

Justin Groot, a former senior narrative designer at Overwatch 2, also shared his opinions on this intriguing matter. According to him, the glitch could be a result of Roadhog's hook's complex coding script, which he likened to every subway map in the world combined. He asserted that a peripheral event within the script could provoke peculiar scenarios in unrelated places, leading to amusing Overwatch 2 glitches.

In the aftermath of this comical glitch, Overwatch 2 fans were all eager to offer their takes. Some compared the altered reality to scenes from anime series Jujutsu Kaisen and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, while others tried to comprehend the mechanics behind the bug. On one corner, people criticized Blizzard for letting such glitches occur, whereas others enjoyed the fun and shrugged it off, accepting such mishaps as part and parcel of the gaming world.

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