PlayStation Refunding Stellar Blade for False Advertisement
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PlayStation Refunding Stellar Blade for False Advertisement

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

As a gamer, you always look forward to diving into a new action-packed adventure and experiencing everything a game has to offer. But what happens when a highly anticipated title doesn’t deliver on its promises? This is the situation many players found themselves in with Shift Up’s latest game, Stellar Blade. If you’re one of them, you can now breathe a sigh of relief as PlayStation has stepped in to offer refunds for digital copies of the game.

According to a Reddit user named Nonoya761, PlayStation Support has begun refunding digital copies of Stellar Blade to gamers who feel misled by false advertising. The issue at hand revolves around a certain costume worn by the protagonist, Eve, which was censored via an update just days before the game’s release. The controversial change came as a shock to players, especially since review copies were not affected by the alteration.

PSA: Playstation Support is giving out refunds for Stellar Blade if you claim false advertising as the reason.
byu/Nonoya761 inAsmongold

For those considering requesting a refund, it’s crucial to know that the process will see $69.99 (or the equivalent amount in other regions) returned to the original method of payment, unless this isn’t feasible, in which case the funds will be credited to your PSN wallet. Keep in mind that refund processing times may differ depending on your payment method.

The key item in question is the Holiday bunny suit, which underwent the controversial censorship. Players curious about the original, uncensored version of the outfit can still access it through retail copies of the game. By running version 1.0 of Stellar Blade from the disc without any updates, you can see the suit in its unaltered form. If you accidentally updated the game, simply uninstall and reinstall it from the disc, making sure to decline any updates that may be prompted. In case your PS5 forces you to install the update, disconnect from the internet to start the game and reconnect post-launch.

If you were affected by the false advertising in Stellar Blade, don’t hesitate to reach out to PlayStation Support and claim the refund you deserve. Remember, as a gamer and consumer, your voice matters, and it’s essential to hold developers and publishers accountable for their actions.

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