Players of Tekken 8 express frustration with the introduction of a new 'Tekken Fight Pass'
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Players of Tekken 8 Express Frustration with the Introduction of a New 'Tekken Fight Pass'

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Tekken 8 players are up in arms over the latest announcement regarding the introduction of a new Tekken Fight Pass feature. During a recent Tekken Talk stream, the game's developers revealed that a Fight Pass is on its way to the game.

According to the developers, the Fight Pass works similarly to Battle Passes in other live service games. Players can increase their level by completing daily and weekly missions in online matches to earn various items. The Fight Pass will have both a free tier and a premium paid tier, where items are even more luxurious, and players can earn Tekken Coins to purchase items in the Tekken Shop.

This announcement has not been well-received by the player community. Many players who have already paid $70 for the base game feel that the introduction of additional microtransactions post-launch is unacceptable.

Fight Pass
Tekken 8 Fight Pass

Comments from players on YouTube and Reddit express disappointment and frustration over the situation. One user on YouTube stated, "Would have never bought the Collector's Edition had I known that you guys would patch in a microtransaction shop AND Battle Passes." Another user on Reddit mentioned, "They're treating this full-priced game like it's free."

The addition of a Battle Pass has sparked heated discussions within the Tekken community, with several threads on the Tekken subreddit garnering significant attention. Players are accusing the developers of being dishonest and implementing predatory practices to extract more money from players.

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