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Palworld's Major Bug Fixes on the Horizon: Save Data Recovery in Focus

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In the dynamic world of PC and Xbox gaming, the action-adventure survival game Palworld has made a significant impact. However, its journey has not been without challenges. Recently, the game's developer, Pocketpair, acknowledged a series of serious bugs plaguing the game, including lost save data, multiplayer issues, and server access problems.

Since its early access release, Palworld has seen a staggering success, selling over five million copies and achieving the third highest peak concurrent number of Steam players for any game in the service's history. This success, however, has been marred by technical difficulties that have affected the gaming experience.

The most pressing issues, as reported by Pocketpair, include:

  • Lost Save Data: A critical concern where players lose their progress.
  • Multiplayer Challenges: Difficulties in accessing and playing in multiplayer mode.
  • Server Accessibility: Problems in entering game servers.

Pocketpair's support team has been inundated with over 50,000 inquiries, to which they have responded with an apology for the delays and a commitment to resolving these issues. The development team is actively working on fixes and plans to share information about these updates as soon as possible. There's also a possibility of restoring save data from single-player and co-op games from backups.

Palworld, described as an “action-adventure survival game,” allows players to battle and capture Pals for various activities like base building, traversal, and combat. However, the game's success has sparked discussions about its character designs' similarities to the Pokémon series, leading to a response from the game’s director and Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe regarding allegations of plagiarism.

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