Palworld Multiplayer on Xbox is Essentially Unplayable Following Recent Update
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Palworld Multiplayer on Xbox is Essentially Unplayable Following Recent Update

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Developer Pocketpair has recently warned Palworld players on Xbox against loading multiplayer save data following the release of the v0.2.0.6 update. This latest update brought exciting new content to the game, including a challenging raid boss named Bellanoir, previously exclusive to the PC version.

However, soon after the Xbox update went live, Pocketpair announced on its official Twitter account that there was a critical issue with multiplayer save data not loading correctly, particularly data from older versions of Palworld. While solo players may not be affected, those who enjoy multiplayer gameplay will likely experience frustration due to the inability to load their saves.

Community manager Bucky shared on the Palworld Discord channel that the team has identified the cause of the problem and is actively working on a fix. Unfortunately, there is no specific timeline for when the patch will be released. Additionally, any new multiplayer saves created in the meantime may also be affected by the upcoming patch, rendering them unusable.

Palword Discord Chat

It is disappointing to see such a highly anticipated update causing issues for players. Previously, the PC version of the game encountered a bug that prevented players from placing eggs in incubators, impeding the hatching of new Pals. While a workaround for this bug is available, the same cannot be said for the Xbox multiplayer save data issue.

Until Pocketpair releases a comprehensive fix, it is recommended that Palworld players on Xbox refrain from loading multiplayer save data to avoid any potential issues.

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